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October 31, 2005 09:00 ET

Availl Wide Area File Systems (WAFS) Span the Globe With Instant, Shared Remote File Access

Availl Continues Rapid Growth in WAFS Market During Q3, Adding Customers Worldwide; Nationwide's US to India Network, Seacore's Shipboard CAD Network Delivers WAFS File Sharing at Local Performance Speed

ANDOVER, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 31, 2005 -- Availl Inc., a leading provider of real-time data and storage software, announced that its Wide Area File System product continues to grow at well over 20% each quarter. New installations accelerated during Q3 2005 ending September 30, with customers including Raytheon, Bell Canada, RaboBank and the US Naval Strategic Weapons Center (SWC). These sales, and many others, allowed Availl to continue its revenue growth at well over 100 percent annual rate, and its two-year track record of profitability.

Availl's new customers provide the company with an even larger geographical presence among major organizations using WAFS software for their distributed operations. With an estimated 75 percent of information assets outside the corporate data center, industry analysts cite the WAFS market as one of the fastest growing in the computer industry, with estimated growth over $1 billion in the next few years.

Availl WAFS is now in use at over 1,500 sites worldwide. Availl's WAFS software solves the problem of distributed operations needing constant access to identical data, where real-time file locking and coherence functionality was not possible with older, far more costly solutions for file management or Product Data Management (PDM). Availl customers use the company's WAFS products in installations that stretch across continents or just regions -- powering widespread cost-savings, added user application performance, and enhanced competitiveness.

Availl provides Wide Area File System (WAFS) and CDP (Continuous Data Protection) software solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Its unique real-time technology ensures that identical files are instantly accessible in an almost limitless number of locations simultaneously, and in complete synchronization -- no matter where changes are made and with no chance of conflicts. Availl WAFS eliminates 95% or more of the bandwidth, which is critical in many geographies where bandwidth costs are high. As a software-only product, Availl allows new deployments swiftly, without costly appliances or any added hardware resources.

From US to India for Nationwide Processing

"We employ a large number of top-notch mortgage processors in Bangalore. As bandwidth in India is very expensive, working on files across a WAN is both costly and slow," said Guru Amrit Khalsa, president of Nationwide Processing Inc., a mortgage processing firm serving mortgage brokers and lenders across the US. "My goal was to have one set of identical files local in two places but still maintain integrity through file locking."

"We deployed Availl's WAFS solution to accomplish this goal. Before Availl, it would take our Indian staff as much as 5 minutes to open a loan application file that was stored in our Herndon, VA, office -- which was far too long," Khalsa said. "After Availl, the same file opens locally in seconds -- and at minimal bandwidth. Availl was the only vendor I could find that could support real-time file locking, which made a tremendous difference."

"Our competitive advantage is our ability to source high-quality staff. By using Availl I can utilize the best talent in the world, no matter where team members are located, and back them with affordable, smart technology," Khalsa said.

Offshore Drilling for Seacore

"Availl's WAFS product was the one solution we found, out of six evaluated, that could handle our robust requirements of real-time file sharing with AutoCAD and other files both among and on-board our drilling barges," said Paul Letchford, IT manager at Seacore, a specialty marine drilling exploration company based in England. For instance, Seacore uses Availl to share remote data gathered on rigs presently at sea around the world, as well as land-based offices in the UK. "The customer data we are gathering is critical, and yet we must deal with varying WAN lines and quality at sea, using satellite, microwave and even mobile GSM phones if all else fails. Availl's WAFS solution keeps at the task of getting the shared data we need among our offices. No other solution worked for us."

"We have design engineers in many different parts of the world and different time zones looking at real-time data, and they all need it now. If we have a drilling ship held up for even a few hours waiting for data, it potentially can cost us thousands of dollars. Working with Availl keeps us efficient, and I believe in many cases our efficiency is what makes the difference to our bottom line success," Letchford said.

About Availl

Founded in 2002, Availl provides Wide Area File System (WAFS) and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Availl's technology ensures that files exist in many remote locations simultaneously, and in complete synchronization -- no matter where changes are made. Availl's products are built on unique real-time technology for efficient remote multi-directional mirroring performance, rapid data caching, and extreme data reduction, with complete real-time file coherence between remote sites. It creates a unified file system via LAN, VPN, or web (crossing firewalls). Availl also provides solutions for continuous data protection and database backup.

Headquartered in Andover, MA, Availl is privately held and has been consistently profitable for over 2 years. Its large customer base includes financial service institutions, major engineering design firms, and many of the largest worldwide manufacturers among the Fortune 500. For more information, please visit

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