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October 09, 2006 11:42 ET

AVANTE Announces Patented Voting Solutions

PRINCETON, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 9, 2006 -- AVANTE is proud to announce the newly granted U.S. Patent No. 7,077,313 and recently allowed U.S. Patent Application No. 10/255,348.

The allowed patent application (10/255,348) has 147 improvement claims for electronic voting solutions. It includes the use of pop-up enlargement for a full-face electronic voting system, resolves "fleeing voter" problems with the use of an automatic timer or sensor, increases the DRE electronic ballot security with individual encryption (in addition to the use of a voter-verified paper record), eliminates unintentional under-voting in electronic voting and provides electronic poll book solutions that help to enable early voting and real-time updating of voter history. Some of these technologies were used with great success in 32 counties in the recent 2006 New York State Primary.

The '313 patented solution uses document imaging technology to overcome these problems. Instead of using the error prone combination of timing marks and stringent alignment requirements in traditional discrete sensor technology, the '313 patented system images the full ballot. Printed scale marks are used for precise determination of marking positions and scaling that reduce or eliminate problems caused by paper expansion or contraction from moisture, folding or wrinkled paper. AVANTE optical mark-sense system was the first to pass and be certified to the stringent 2002 Federal Voting System Standards requirement with zero error in tabulating 1,500,000 marks. This is better than available solutions today that can have error rates as high as one error in 1,000 marks. These types of errors have been highlighted recently in many elections in the US, resulting in the manual hand counting of ballots and even the over-turning of election results.

Another critical improvement of the '313 patent is the innovative use of randomly generated unique ballot or form identifiers that authenticate the ballots and reject any duplicate or faked ballots. This capability eliminates the fundamental problem of ballot stuffing that is inherent in all paper ballot elections. All of these dramatically improve accuracy and the tamper-proof ability comes with the equally dramatic reduction of costs by at least 75% per ballot with the use of plain paper ballots using office laser printers (White paper).


AVANTE is located in Princeton, NJ ( and provides solutions with 12 patented and patent pending technologies that enhance election integrity.

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