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July 15, 2008 09:15 ET

Avatier Launches User Provisioning Integration Partner Program With Established Identity Management Integrators

Founding Members Bring Expertise from Over 100 Successful IdM Deployments

SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - Avatier, a leading provider of identity and access management software, today announced its User Provisioning Integration Partner Program and five founding members: The Edgeworth Group, iDENTITY AUTOMATION, Mycroft, Synapse SE, and Synthasys. Combining Avatier's next generation identity management (IdM) technology with the extensive user provisioning expertise these integrators bring to the table will expand the market for automated user provisioning solutions to mid-range companies and other underserved market segments. Each integrator is already actively involved in at least one Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) enterprise deployment in industries ranging from energy distribution to hospitality and gaming.

"Avatier brings a programming-free approach to identity management that greatly streamlines the deployment of user provisioning solutions," said Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier CEO and Chairman. "So we weren't looking for teams of programmers -- our focus was on selecting partners with experience and understanding of the business impact of automated user provisioning. Each partner has a proven track record planning, designing and deploying enterprise user provisioning solutions."

Combining AIMS unique approach and field-proven identity management business analysis and integration skills, Avatier and its partners deliver streamlined user provisioning readiness and feasibility assessment services. This short engagement includes an assessment of the existing infrastructure, directories, role model, administrative processes and business processes to determine obstacles to a successful AIMS provisioning deployment and specify remediation steps. The final component is a 3-5 day proof of concept deployment which includes implementation of sample roles, workflow and application integration for a representative subset of the organization. Demonstrable integration with an HR system may also be included.

"By the end of our assessment customers have an action plan and a timetable for a comprehensive rollout," said Cicchitto. "Most important, they have confidence that it can be achieved in a manageable timeframe because they have seen Avatier's full identity management suite operate in their environment and have documentation of the full scale deployment strategy."

Contact Avatier at 925-217-5170 or one of its partners to schedule a user provisioning readiness and feasibility assessment.

Avatier User Provisioning Integration Partner Quotes

"We worked side by side with Avatier in some of the initial interface development with Infinium's Human Resources and Payroll system to help ensure that the Avatier User Provisioning Module would accommodate every employee new hire and termination, Without Exception. Having worked on actual client implementations using the Avatier Products, we see those very interfaces in production environments.

We partner with Avatier because we promise our clients top level, high quality resources, and we expect no less from our software partners. Avatier delivers."

- Travis Phillips, President, The EdgeWorth Group

"We feel that the Avatier solution is a suitable choice for our customers for a number of reasons, one of the strongest being the fact that it can be deployed without the need to program or script the 'connectors.' Their simple role definitions to support a request process that is easy for both end-users and administrators is also significant. We also like the simple workflow definitions that support unlimited flexibility without the configuration complexity in other products. They have also done a great job of putting everything in one place making their UI for end-users and administrators very simple to understand and simple to use.

I would say that Avatier provides a great product that makes it possible to implement automatic provisioning and workflow services that are effective and meet real world needs."


"Mycroft is pleased to partner with Avatier because of its fresh and innovative approach to identity management challenges. It offers a lightweight, easy-to-deploy architecture, which will be attractive to a broad range of our clients, from mid-range to large enterprises. Mycroft will bring its field experience to these projects, focusing on defining project scope, building roles, making workflow recommendations, and customizing the Avatier application."

- Elizabeth Butwin Mann, President, Mycroft

"With Synapse SE focusing on implementing value-based identity & access management solutions for large organizations with complex environments, Avatier's point-and-click integration and unbelievable ease of deployment has afforded us the opportunity to collaborate with their team to help customers shorten the time it takes to realize identity management's core value propositions."

- Shawn Torkelson, Managing Director, Synapse SE

"With the increased demand we are seeing from our customers to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, Avatier delivers the auditability and accountability that many corporate IT departments are lacking. AIMS also delivers further efficiencies that provide rapid and demonstrable ROI, making the expenditure easy to cost-justify."

- Joseph Di Bartolomeo, Partner, Synthasys

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With headquarters in Las Vegas and offices in Southern California, The EdgeWorth Group is an international Gaming, Hospitality, and Entertainment consulting firm. The EdgeWorth Group specializes in the implementation and integration of financial systems, enterprise reporting, and data warehousing. The EdgeWorth Group provides senior industry specialists in the areas of Project Management, Application Consulting, as well as Technical Consulting.

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iDENTiTY AUTOMATiON™ is a rapidly growing multi-practice technology consulting and services company. Our mission is 'To be the most trusted Identity and Security services and solutions provider across all business segments.'

To achieve our mission, we maintain a staff of the most highly trained and experienced identity engineers in the business. Along with our technical expertise, we also differentiate ourselves through our best-in-class customer service.

Our countless deployments across all business sectors and our experience with deploying our solutions for customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico along with our unique specialization and depth of experience sets Identity Automation apart from other consulting companies and gives our customers the assurance that they are dealing with the very best of the best.

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Mycroft is a premier provider of IT infrastructure services, including managed services, identity management and IT security, and IT process improvement. Mycroft is unsurpassed in helping companies in numerous end-markets to gain granular and comprehensive control over their businesses processes and applications, enabling them to reduce risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and understand that they're giving the right people access to the right information.

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Synthasys is an international professional services organization specializing in financial, human resource and technology consulting focusing on the gaming, hospitality and healthcare sectors. Synthasys partners with "best of breed" solution providers like Avatier, to deliver a full suite of complimentary products to its customers. For more information, please visit

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