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October 17, 2005 07:00 ET

Aventail Launches One Secure Gateway for All Remote Access

New Aventail ST Is the Only VPN to Provide One Gateway, a Common User Experience and Centralized Policy for All Devices, Users and Resources

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 17, 2005 -- SSL VPN leader Aventail today announced the latest version of its secure remote access platform, Aventail ST. Available later this month worldwide, Aventail ST provides one secure gateway for all remote access scenarios. New features in Aventail ST include broader application reach for mobile devices and server-based computing, additional management tools, and enhanced End Point Control capabilities.

Aventail ST is the only VPN that is truly universal, providing a common end user experience and a centralized management model for all access methods, devices, users, and resources. All other VPNs require separate access gateways or have disparate policy models for Web-based, client/server, mobile, or Layer 3 tunnel access. The Aventail SSL VPN works over any type of network connection, wired or wireless, with many Aventail customers using it to not only secure remote access but also traffic over their WLANs.

"Aventail's SSL VPN is the only SSL VPN that provides just one solution for everywhere access across all access methods, access environments, and resources," said Dave Piscitello, a networking and security expert and principal consultant at Core Competence. "Aventail's Smart Access provides a complete secure access solution for Web application access, client-server applications, and full network access as dictated by business need, and Smart Policy provides unified VPN administration that makes it easy to define granular user admission and end-point device policies."

When users access the Aventail gateway they use the same URL and receive a common look and feel whether they are coming from a mobile device, home PC, managed laptop or kiosk. Aventail technology then dynamically adapts the access so users only receive access to applications that are relevant for that device and appropriate for their security profile. For example, a smartphone user receives a customized portal layout and access to applications optimized for that mobile device.

The specific new features included in Aventail ST are:

1. Broader application reach:

--  Aventail Secure Mobile Access: Announced last month, Aventail Mobile
    provides everywhere access to applications from virtually any mobile device
    with complete security and granular access control. Aventail Mobile
    supports all major operating systems, including Blackberry, Palm, Windows
    Mobile, DoCoMo, and Symbian.
--  Native Access Modules: Users can now directly access server-based
    applications, such as Windows Terminal Services and Citrix applications,
    without any client download or additional configuration.
2. Additional management tools:
--  Role-based Administration: Aventail ST allows network managers to
    segment administration of the SSL VPN appliance into defined roles,
    distributing the workload while controlling access and management.
--  Visual Authentication Flow: Aventail furthers its market leading ease
    of management by adding graphical snapshots of the authentication flow,
    replacing textual reports with a single page quick view of the entire log-
    in and authentication process.
--  Password Management via the SSL VPN Gateway: Aventail provides an easy
    self-help interface so remote users can update their passwords via the
    Aventail SSL VPN portal, reducing traditional helpdesk costs for password
    resets and ensuring security policy is maintained. Aventail uses its
    trusted relationship with authentication servers to update and synchronize
    passwords across the entire network.
3. Enhanced End Point Security:
--  Application Verification: Aventail ST provides the most granular end
    point security capabilities of any SSL VPN, enabling administrators to
    verify the use of up to date security applications on remote end devices
    with tools such as relative date check, wildcard support, and MD5
"With this latest release, Aventail gives companies one more reason to replace their IPSec VPNs and one-off mobility solutions and centralize all of their remote access," said Evan Kaplan, CEO, Aventail.

Availability and Pricing

The new Aventail ST SSL VPN will be generally available later this month, distributed via Aventail's worldwide channel of resellers and service providers. Pricing starts at $3,995 for the Aventail EX-750, a full-featured, clientless SSL VPN appliance tailored to small to mid-sized enterprises; and at $6,995 for the Aventail EX-1500 appliance, a scalable, enterprise-class solution, integrating high availability and load balancing support.

About Aventail

Aventail is the best-of-breed SSL VPN technology company and the authority on secure application access technology. Aventail delivered the first SSL VPN solution in 1997, and today, Aventail meets the secure communication needs of more than two million end users globally. Aventail's family of Smart Technology SSL VPN appliances increases productivity for end users and IT professionals, while maximizing security and lowering costs. Aventail SSL VPNs lead the industry in End Point Control, policy management, and transparent, easy-to-use access options to the broadest range of applications. Aventail is the SSL VPN of choice among leading enterprises and service providers worldwide, such as AT&T, DuPont, IBM Global Services, MCI, Netifice, Office Depot, Sanyo, and TNT. For more information, go to

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