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June 15, 2015 09:00 ET

Aventura Brings Harmony to the Clinical Desktop

Introduces Sympatica™, the Healthcare Industry's First Situational Awareness Platform for Integrating the Electronic Health Record With Health Intelligence Applications at the Point of Care

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - June 15, 2015) - Aventura, the leading provider of situational awareness technology for the healthcare industry, today announced a new platform that integrates the Electronic Health Record (EHR) with health intelligence applications at the point of care. Leveraging Aventura's awareness computing capabilities, Sympatica™ delivers patient-centric, contextual views from analytics and performance measurement applications. As a result, relevant and useful clinical information is brought directly to providers in real-time.

Healthcare Delivery Organizations are making significant investments in EHR and health intelligence applications to achieve Meaningful Use, EHR adoption and value-based business models. Yet to truly recognize the economic and clinical benefits of these applications, the information needs to be available to the caregiver quickly and efficiently at the point of care. The challenge is that the clinical desktop and clinical assets remain disparate -- placing an additional tax on the caregiver to proactively search for data beyond the EHR thus impacting patient interactions, clinical workflow and application usage.

Through real-time bidirectional interaction, Sympatica coordinates the presentation of the EHR with data from specialty applications based on the awareness of the user, location, patient and device and tunes them all to the patient in care. Via a simple badge tap, care providers are quickly identified, along with their location within a facility, what device they are working on and the patient they are treating. Aventura immediately delivers a virtual desktop and dynamically provisions the applications and exact screens a user needs based on their security privileges and the patient in care.

Aventura's platform leverages strong authentication and Single Sign-On to deliver fast access along with a distributed rules engine that optimizes workflow by keeping complex events in order, managing individual computing experiences, connecting 3rd-party applications in real-time and influencing contextual events at the point of care.

"Over the years we have seen clinical computing evolve from best-of-breed, to standardization on a single EHR. Now, with the transformation towards value-based models, new applications are being brought into the mix," said John Gobron, CEO of Aventura. "With Sympatica, for the first time, key information is able to be surfaced from those applications in time to impact patient care, all in a manner that supports the caregiver's workflow."

Three healthcare organizations have already selected Sympatica, including Wise Regional Health System in Decatur, Texas. A top priority for the hospital is Core Measure (CM) compliance. The hospital wanted a way to provide checklists and reminders of required patient care tasks but without cognitively overloading the caregiver in the process. With Sympatica, when contextually relevant, the caregiver is provided a visual indication of the CM patient, associated checklist(s) of patient care tasks and completion timeframes required for compliance.

"We see huge value in being able to leverage our investments in Aventura's awareness computing technology, which we deployed to address instant access to the EHR, to now being able to apply that awareness to deliver in-depth clinical value that can really transform our care delivery model," said Jennifer Graham, director of Clinical & Ancillary applications, Wise Regional Health System.

Sympatica will be generally available in Q3 2015. More information on Sympatica can be found at

About Aventura
Aventura is the leading provider of awareness computing for the healthcare industry. For decades, clinicians have had to adapt their workflow to the limitations of computers; with Aventura, computers can now adapt to how clinicians work. Through its patented technology, Aventura delivers awareness of a user's identity and role, their location within a facility, what device they are working on and what patient they are treating. Based on this awareness, Aventura immediately delivers a virtual desktop and dynamically provisions the applications and exact screens a user needs to care for that particular patient. As a result, Aventura helps customers achieve their important initiatives in the areas of EHR adoption and Meaningful Use requirements, PHI security, mobility and cost containment. Aventura has offices in Denver, CO and Westborough, MA. Visit; follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; or call 888-484-4643 to learn more.

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