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October 14, 2010 10:00 ET

Aveta Business Institute Says No to Six Sigma White Belt Certification

The Company Behind Six Sigma Online, Aveta Business Institute, Announces Their Opposition to the Concept of Six Sigma White Belt Certification, Calling It Unnecessary, and Decides Firmly Against Offering It as Part of Their Coursework

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - October 14, 2010) -  Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are business management methodologies aimed at cutting waste and increasing productivity through eliminating errors by utilizing various processes and tools. Every business could use a little waste cutting and bottom line increasing in this economy. This is why many business owners and CEOs are turning toward Six Sigma Certification. This methodology is based highly on teamwork, with a hierarchy of certified professionals who bring about change in a methodical way in order to increase a business' productivity. 

These professionals are namely: Six Sigma Black Belts, Six Sigma Green Belts, and Six Sigma Yellow Belts. Six Sigma Black Belts are driven and natural born leaders who are responsible for headlining and carrying out Six Sigma projects. Six Sigma Green Belts are the team players in the business -- those who do most of the Six Sigma work. They use statistical tests and the tools necessary to complete the projects under the instruction of Black Belts. 

Finally, Six Sigma Yellow Belts are those employees who have been given a basic overview of the Six Sigma Methodology, and whose main duties at work are not based within the Six Sigma Process. Yellow Belts understand and work within the Six Sigma culture, but are not integral to its success.

Recently, some Six Sigma Training providers have been offering a Six Sigma White Belt Certification. They propose that their Six Sigma White Belt training and certification is an introduction to Six Sigma Methodologies, a step below the Yellow Belt. Craig Setter, CEO of one of the leading providers of Six Sigma Training and Certification globally, is not on board with the Six Sigma White Belt. 

Mr. Setter asserts, "The Six Sigma Yellow Belt already stands as a recognized introduction to Six Sigma for auxiliary members of the Six Sigma Team. It was designed to fill the need of employers to educate employees that were not actually involved in Six Sigma projects.

"The White Belt, on the other hand, was solely designed to expand the product line of training providers. That is why the White Belt continues to not be recognized by the Six Sigma Community, and may only be a source of profits for Six Sigma training providers uninterested in furthering our field of study," he states.

This is why the Aveta Business Institute's Six Sigma Online will not be offering this course to Six Sigma trainees. Setter continues, "If you want a worthwhile introduction to the Six Sigma Methodology, you can't fail by enrolling in a Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course -- it's fast, thorough, and inexpensive compared to the Green and Black Belts. Plus, you can always move on to higher levels, once you've decided that Six Sigma is for you."

Six Sigma Online is a leading provider of online-based Six Sigma Training and Certification, with programs offered by Aveta Business Institute. 

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