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April 08, 2015 07:00 ET

Aviation Consultants 360 Offers Safety Campaign via Social Media

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2015) - Rick Eriksen, an experienced aviator and one of the founders of Aviation Consultants 360 (, a firm that specializes in assisting businesses with their aviation needs, has recently offered a cluster of social media efforts for perspective on the many recent airplane tragedies making headlines in recent weeks and months.

Whether through the company's website, Facebook, Blogger or SlideShare pages, Eriksen discusses humankind's relationship with aviation, safety and details of recent incidents, including the crash of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Links to the information campaign can be found through the company's site.

"Ever since human beings started to become aware of their surroundings, they have always been intrigued with flight," Eriksen says. "Fast-forward to today and, I think, we can fairly consider ourselves masters of the skies, but we have issues."

Eriksen says he believes advances in airplane automation, for example, may have reached a point where they are starting to hinder rather than help safety, with pilots so dependent on the technology that they fail to develop real flying skills.

Eriksen and his team at Aviation Consultants 360 collectively have been flying and operating corporate and airline aircraft for more than 60,000 hours. The company focuses on helping individuals, companies and other entities maintain a level of safety with their private aircraft.

"We provide the best solutions without the typical 50 pages of meaningless aviation jargon, manufacturer-sourced hype, or pretty pictures," he says. "We provide the answers based on true needs and we do not favor one aircraft over another or one supplier over another. Aviation Consultants 360 simply provides solutions based on the needs of our clients."

About Rick Eriksen

Rick Eriksen is one of the founders of Aviation Consultants 360 (, a firm that specializes in assisting businesses with their aviation needs. He is a career aviator, entrepreneur and industry professional. Among his achievements, Eriksen created and founded Midwest Air Charter, the first single-flag carrier for the United States Federal Reserve Bank. At Midwest, he directed flight operations for 55 aircraft flying 72,000 miles daily without a single incident or accident and with a 99.75 percent on-time record. Eriksen also previously managed Northern Hemisphere flight operations for Mercedes Benz, North America and was the creator and one of the founding members of Jet Support Services Inc., known today as JSSI.

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