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December 08, 2011 11:00 ET

Avid Law Center Announces Help for Foreclosed Homeowners Facing Unlawful Detainer/Eviction

As the Occupy Our Homes Movement Gains Momentum, Orange County-Based Real Estate Litigation Firm Aids Homeowners in Their Fight to Keep Their Homes

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 8, 2011) - Avid Law Center is continuing its fight for distressed homeowners by expanding its practice to help those now facing an Unlawful Detainer/Eviction lawsuit. The Orange County, California-based real estate and litigation law firm, now provides new help to homeowners seeking to fight their foreclosures and stay in their homes as long as possible.

Investigations into bank foreclosure practices had slowed the rate of foreclosures during the first half of the year. Now, to catch-up, banks are accelerating their foreclosure process and causing a significant increase in the foreclosure rate. According to market researcher RealtyTrac, nearly one in every 243 housing units in California received some type of a foreclosure filing in October. Banks are expected to repossess some 800,000 homes this year,1 leaving hundreds of thousands of families homeless.

"Banks almost always act in their own best interests. Many of them have wrongfully foreclosed on homeowners without regard to the lives they ruin. Now, more than ever, homeowners need someone that can help them fight against the banks. At Avid Law Center we are working to ensure that the rights of homeowners are protected, even after foreclosure, and during eviction proceedings," said Aron Rofer, President, CEO and managing attorney at Avid Law Center. "We're proud to be part of the fight for homeowners in giving them a fair chance to stay in their home."

Unlawful detainers are a lawsuit filed by a property's new legal owner which seeks a court order evicting the former homeowner and taking physical possession of the property. While the lawsuit can seem overwhelming for many, it is often the first real opportunity for a person in possession to have their side heard in court. If a person acts quickly, in many instances these lawsuits can be fought successfully, often delaying the eviction process for weeks, or months, and in some instances, even won outright.

Avid Law Center's Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Defense team is helping to evaluate eviction documents and to determine whether a foreclosure was conducted under proper circumstances and with required strict adherence to the law. While each case is different, Avid Law Center can provide legal consultation and guidance in the unlawful detainer process; prepare necessary papers, pleadings, and documents and try to give the homeowner the best defense possible in an unlawful detainer action.

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