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January 19, 2012 12:00 ET

Avid Law Center Expands to Represent Sellers Negotiating Short Sale Transactions

Orange County-Based Real Estate Litigation Firm Aids Homeowners Seeking to Avoid Foreclosure Through Short Sale

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 19, 2012) - Avid Law Center today announced the expansion of its practice to help distressed homeowners negotiate short sale transactions. By expanding its mortgage debt forgiveness services, the Orange County, California-based real estate and litigation law firm is providing additional assistance for underwater homeowners facing foreclosure.

As foreclosure activities by banks are expected to increase in the coming year, short sales are increasingly becoming an option for homeowners, especially those who do not qualify for loan modifications, to avoid foreclosure and minimize damage to their credit history. While short sales have their clear benefits for homeowners, they are also much preferred by banks who stand to make more and spend less in a short sale transaction than a foreclosure. However, while beneficial to homeowners, negotiating short sales can be complicated so it's important that homeowners work with the right professionals.

"Real estate agents excel at buying and selling property, but they cannot give legal advice and since they are paid only on short sales that close, they don't always work in the homeowner's best interest," said Aron Rofer, President, CEO and managing attorney at Avid Law Center. "At Avid Law Center, we work to ensure that homeowners' financial interests are protected in short sale negotiations and ensure they are not taken advantage of in their time of need."

Typically, homeowners who are under water with their mortgage or cannot maintain mortgage payments enter in a short sale where the bank allows the property to be sold at a loss instead of going through a lengthy foreclosure process. However, the bank must approve the short sale and successful negotiation will not only close the sale but also avoid a deficiency judgment which makes the homeowner personally liable for the unpaid debt.

Avid Law Center's short sale assistance team helps to evaluate the short sale and foreclosure documents to negotiate from a position of strength by using the tools of lender liability, potential litigation, and even bankruptcy protection to help obtain a short sale approval in the homeowner's best interest. In many cases, Avid Law Center can also demand relocation assistance money to help homeowners with moving costs and expenses.

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