July 06, 2012 10:44 ET

The AVMA Lets Us Know That Taking Your Pet for a Simple Car Ride Is More Dangerous Than You May Think

Hot Cars Can Cause Heatstroke in Pets Within Minutes

SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - Jul 6, 2012) - Think the heat is bad on us, how about your pet?

Each year, countless animals die because they are left in cars on warm, not just hot, days. Most people don't realize how quickly the temperature in a car rises, making even a five-minute errand a dangerous situation for a pet left in a parked car.

"When it comes to your pet's safety and health, every minute counts," says Dr. Rene Carlson, President of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). "In just 10 minutes, the temperature inside a car can rise 19 degrees. Even if it's only 75 degrees outside, the temperature in the car can go up to 94 degrees. In another 10 minutes, you're looking at a dangerous 104 degrees. And, cracking windows does not help. Situations like this leave your pet in danger of heat stroke, a life-threatening condition if left untreated by a veterinarian."

Be sure to leave your pet at home except for when you need to have them in the car. For more about what your can do to be sure your pet stays safe and beats the summer heat, visit

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