March 27, 2006 09:00 ET

Avokia Selected as Continuous Availability Platform of Choice by Two Independent Software Vendors

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Mar 27, 2006) -

Clay Tablet Technologies and HiPoint Marketing to Leverage Avokia for Continuous Availability of Business Applications

Avokia Inc., whose software makes fast, 24/7 business a reality for businesses and customers by enabling the continuous availability of database information, today announced that it has signed two independent software vendors (ISV) as customers. Clay Tablet Technologies, an innovator in multilingual content management software and HiPoint Marketing, a provider of Web-based lead generation and qualification solutions, have each selected Avokia's apLive to ensure continuous availability of data and applications for their growing customer base. As part of their offerings, Clay Tablet and HiPoint host systems for large organizations with international interests such as the United Nations and Bell Canada - organizations that expect the highest levels of service from their vendors.

"Our customers around the world rely on our solutions and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no convenient time for scheduled maintenance or any other downtime," said Robinson Kelly, President of Clay Tablet Technologies. "Avokia helps ensure that our clients' sites will be up and running at all times. With Avokia, the sun will never set on Clay Tablet's multilingual content management and workflow systems."

Enterprises today are looking for new ways to make their infrastructure more resilient and flexible. Avokia offers a new approach to finally overcome ongoing challenges and limitations presented by the data layer in business systems. Using patented database virtualization middleware, Avokia enables businesses to eliminate the database as the single point of failure while significantly reducing their hardware, software and support costs through consolidating servers and scaling horizontally.

apLive consists of database agnostic software that virtualizes and simplifies the database layer. In a single product, apLive clusters, replicates and load balances any number of identical and fully redundant databases, all in production, in a local group or spread out over extremely long distances - even around the world. So from an end user's perspective, systems keep running, even when databases are out of service for planned maintenance, unplanned failures or through a major disaster.

"Our primary goal is to deliver the industry's most effective, comprehensive lead generation and qualification solutions to our customers," said Justin Phillips, President of HiPoint Marketing. "As service providers themselves, our customers have no time or tolerance for application downtime. apLive will let us deliver our services effectively and, just as importantly, without interruption. Avokia's products will also increase our application speed and performance, improving the overall customer experience."

As Clay Tablet Technologies and HiPoint Marketing continue to grow, they will be able to leverage the unprecedented scalability and flexibility provided by Avokia. Unlike other point solution products on the market, apLive offers the next generation in availability and disaster recovery with industry leading database virtualization technology that eliminates both planned and unplanned downtime while actually lowering hardware and support costs on a faster, more efficient and more manageable computing platform.

With the flexibility apLive provides, databases can run on smaller and less expensive servers. Network traffic decreases and servers can be horizontally scaled to allow IT to much more closely and affordably align with business needs. As a result, both companies will be running with built-in redundancy, and will be able to affect rolling upgrades to systems without the risk of impacting customers.

"We are very pleased that Clay Tablet Technologies and HiPoint Marketing have selected Avokia as their platform for continuous availability and to support future growth," said Alan McMillan, CEO of Avokia. "These new customers are dedicated to delivering the industry's best solutions to their clients, and Avokia's patented virtualization solutions will help them achieve that goal. We look forward to working with these organizations to ensure that their applications remain always on."

About Avokia

Avokia is the only provider of patented database middleware software that ensures the continuous availability of business applications at the highest level of performance. Its products are designed for high volume enterprise applications where speed is critical and downtime is not an option. Avokia provides the next generation of availability and performance products with industry leading technology that effectively virtualizes and simplifies the database layer. They lower hardware and support costs by enabling horizontal scalability on a more efficient and manageable computing platform. Avokia breaks through distance limitations enabling multiple active data centers, even across the country, for the highest level of system utilization and disaster avoidance currently possible. For more information please see www.avokia.com.

About Clay Tablet Technologies

Clay Tablet Technologies provides software for solving content translation challenges. No matter where content is created or stored, Clay Tablet provides a way to get it quickly on the path to accurate, cost-effective translation, and keep it maintained in multiple languages with minimal human intervention. Clay Tablet provides gateway middleware that is vendor-neutral, connecting any existing content management or other system to any translation technology or service provider. The company also offers a document submission portal and its own content management system with multilingual workflow. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Clay Tablet's products are being used by companies around the world. More information is available at www.clay-tablet.com.

About HiPoint Marketing Inc.

HiPoint specializes in Web-based marketing solutions for corporate Websites. These solutions - one of which is the powerful Adaptive Qualification System (AQS) - enables your organization to capture key, permission-based information about your visitors' most-pressing business problems. The AQS initiates the sales process right on your Website, generating qualified leads for your sales department. HiPoint's solutions also give your marketing department more control over your Website, reducing IT intervention. In addition, these solutions allow marketers to measure their campaign successes, as well as fine tune the campaigns for even better results in the future. Optimize your revenue: visit www.hipointmarketing.com.

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