All Addictions Life Recovery Program

All Addictions Life Recovery Program

October 15, 2008 07:35 ET

Award-Winner, Paul Radkowski, is Announcing the Launch of the World's First Online All Addictions Life Recovery Program Delivered Entirely on the Internet

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2008) - Award-winner, Paul Radkowski, is announcing the launch of the world's first Online All Addictions Life Recovery Program delivered entirely on the Internet.

Radkowski was recently named, "Outstanding Addictions Professional for 2008" by The International Association of Addiction and Offender Counselors in recognition of this outstanding new approach to addiction treatment.

Addiction specialist and psychotherapist, Radkowski's No Wait List, All Addictions Life Recovery Program is driven by the following values: accessibility, privacy, inclusivity and quality. This Life Recovery Program is meant to fill in the gaps of the system, to provide an immediate, feasible, accessible resource and relief. His program helps both loved ones and people with all kinds of addictions, from drug and alcohol abuse to gambling, shopping, eating disorders, anger and other impulse-control issues.

Randy Smith of Alphanon Consultants Inc. an addiction therapist of some thirty years, states that: "Paul has taken the challenge of accessibility that has long plagued those in recovery and dedicated himself to crafting a simple, understandable and practical option. Those that are not ready to step into group environments, those that use wait lists as an excuse to relapse those that are affected by their partner's, family and friend's addiction, have a viable option."

The All Addictions Life Recovery Program is:

- Completely Anonymous

- Completely Interactive in terms of a Support Forum

- Completely Accessible: Available 24/7

- Completely User-Friendly: Easy to understand and cutting edge tools

The All Addictions Life Recovery Program is a 3 to 6 -month therapeutic program, based on clinically proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, the latest in neuro-science research, applied kinesiology, and energy psychology.

Participants learn how to decrease painful emotions and understand what is happening to them on a physical, mental and emotional level. They also learn techniques to help identify their triggers and help develop healthier ways of coping. The All Addictions Life Recovery Program provides support through weekly encouraging emails, ongoing video/audio workshops and homework exercises to help members change addictive behaviours, increase self-awareness and gain control of their lives.

Radkowski actively practices psychotherapy in Waterloo, Ontario. His new addictions recovery site can be found at


Radkowski was first inspired with the idea of the All Addictions Life Recovery online program after being recruited by the Government of the Northwest Territories to establish treatment programs for people who live in isolated areas. The All Addictions Life Recovery Program was developed because Radkowski feels that everyone is harmfully impacted by the high cost and long wait lists of treatment centers that delay or stop people from getting the help they need.

The All Addictions Life Recovery Program also includes a program for the loved ones of those struggling with addiction, for they are often experiencing what Radkowski describes as a "second hand smoke of the soul."

Radkowski's program is particularly relevant to the armed forces, medical practitioners, university educators, and large corporations, all of whom view the program as a possible alternative for personnel, employees, and students who can't access traditional treatment and resources, or who wish to remain anonymous.

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