Thoth Technology Inc.

July 15, 2010 10:05 ET

Award-winning Argus sensors to fly in space

Attention: Education Editor, Environment Editor, Science Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor, World News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - July 15, 2010) - Canadian company Thoth Technology Inc. has commenced commercial production of Argus, a miniaturized instrument that monitors carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from space. Thoth President and CEO, Caroline Roberts, confirms the company has a strong orderbook and that sensors have been delivered to clients for launch later this year. "Argus is proving a popular payload. The tiny 240 g instrument can be deployed on nanosatellites or in arrays on bigger spacecraft." The instrument records infrared signals at 1.5 km resolution. "Argus allows us to observe industrial scale emissions globally," said Brendan Quine, professor at York University. "In the new economy, polluters are taxed, so we need to fly networks of Argus instruments to quantify pollution and build detailed pollution maps," Quine said.

The first Argus instrument was launched by India's PSLV rocket on the University of Toronto CanX-2 nanosatellite and has been in operation for 26 months. "We are very pleased with the in-flight performance," Quine said. The team received this year's Alouette Award from the Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute (CASI) for new technologies that benefit mankind.

Rajinder Jagpal, a York University doctoral student and Punjab native who helped develop the first Argus instrument from prototype to spaceflight is delighted to see more units being produced. "One of the neatest things about this instrumentation is its reduced cost. Miniaturization means a cost reduction of at least one hundred," he said. "This kind of innovation makes monitoring technology available to everyone."

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