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July 02, 2008 11:51 ET

Award-Winning Author, Frances Moore Lappe, to Be Featured Guest on Leadership Forum, Wise Talk, on July 23rd

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - July 2, 2008) - Frances Moore Lappe, award-winning author of "Diet for a Small Planet" and "Getting a Grip," will be the featured guest of Sue Bethanis, executive coach and Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., on her popular leadership forum Wise Talk on July 23, 3pm (PDT). Bethanis and Lappe will discuss how powerlessness can be turned into empowerment, how scarcity can be reframed as abundance, and how courage in the face of fear can lead to hope.

Lappe is a sought after public speaker known for her vision and work healing our planet and uplifting humanity. Her media appearances have included a PBS special with Bill Moyers, the "Today" Show, CBS Radio, and National Public Radio.

Bethanis offers the following questions to help reframe your fears of flux and failure and channel them into hope:

-- What else can you do with fear besides react? Lappe asks, "How can you learn to rethink fear as a signal, not a verdict?" Does the feeling of fear always mean you must flee or fight, or can you do something differently? Try stepping back and seeing fear as neutral energy, rather than negative. Pause, and then decide how to channel that energy -- you do have a choice about what to do with it.

-- What will it take to have courage to stand up before it's too late? Do you have a bully boss, or an uncooperative team? Are you trying to solve the problem on your own? Instead of isolating, focus on the courageous act of seeking others and connecting.

-- How can you create hope where it seems like there is none? Hope isn't a mystical substance that appears in the atmosphere; it comes from deep within you. If you're experiencing a lack of hope about the situation you or your company is in, try investigating the assumptions you're holding. Are you assuming that conflict, flux and impermanence are negative, when they could be entry points to a better future?

Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D., is the Founder/CEO of Mariposa Leadership, Inc., author of "Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage," and host of the leadership forum Wise Talk.

Mariposa Leadership, Inc. offers premier leadership coaching services to the hightech, biotech, and cleantech industries.

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