June 11, 2012 20:17 ET

AXA ART's Collaboration with Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections Launches Early Warning System to Measure Artworks' Overexposure to Light

BASEL, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - June 11, 2012) - International art insurance specialist AXA ART announces its collaboration with Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections (CRCC) at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris resulted in the production of LightControl. The device is designed to serve as early warning system to monitor the lighting conditions within which sensitive artworks are exhibited and to alert collectors when the integrity of their works are at risk. Professor Bertrand Lavedrine, Director at the CRCC, led the research study and development of the dosimeter.

It is generally recognized that, with extended exposure to light, sensitive art works such as photography, works on paper, and textile will undergo drastic changes - for example discoloration, fading, yellowing and brittleness. As a protection measure, it is essential for collectors to observe the conditions of these objects to protect the art from known hazardous conditions.

AXA ART will launch the improved dosimeter under its worldwide artprotect™ program as LightControl. Samples of LightControl will be distributed at the AXA ART Lounge during Art Basel 43.

"We are pleased to play a part in launching this new device," said Dr. Ulrich Guntram, Global CEO of AXA ART. "Our decision to collaborate with the CRCC to support the research and development of the improved dosimeter was fueled in large part by the expansive growth and interest in fine art photography and works on paper, compounded with the work and reputation of the CRCC on this topic," he noted. "Our goal is to provide clients with the kind of resources to help guide them in making the best possible choices to preserve their collections."

Professor Bertrand Lavedrine, Director at the CRCC, said, "Although it is difficult to predict the light sensitivity of artwork, it is essential to monitor its exposure to light as a preservation measure. LightControl was developed as a practical tool introduced as an alert system to assist collectors. The LightControl patch will exhibit a shift in color from blue to pink when the yearly 'display capital' is exhausted," he said.

AXA ART looks forward to hosting its guests, partners and visitors to Art Basel, the international art market event established in Switzerland in 1970. This year, the fair in Basel runs from June 13 to 17 and plans to feature works by over 2,500 artists from approximately 300 galleries from around the world.

AXA ART will use its presence at Art Basel to continue its global conversation on the care and preservation of fine art photography. An installation at the company's lounge by renowned light artist Claus Föttinger will serve to bring focus to the impact of light on photography over time.

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