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February 15, 2010 21:41 ET

AXcess News: EU Ad Agency Sees TV as Gateway to US Market

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - February 15, 2010) - Bark Group, Inc. (OTCBB: BKPG) is using humor to brand itself and break into the lucrative US market at the same time after the Denmark-based Company announced that its tv and multi-media subsidiary, German-based Anaconda, had sold comic clips to stations in the US. Bark Group stated previously that it was entering the US marketplace and it appears the process has begun.

While Bark Group's tv and multi-media subsidiary is bent on keeping them laughing at 30,000 feet after Anaconda noted in a release on February 11, 2010 that its comic clips would soon been seen on major European airlines for the amusement of passengers, Bark Group sees it as a branding opportunity for its creative advertising style which is more likely to win the company customers.

In a mid-January news feature, AXcess News noted that Bark Group was intent on gaining a "scientific edge" in measuring consumer response levels. What better resource than in-flight comic clips.

Bark describes its approach to advertising and marketing as structurally integrated in being able to find ways of connecting with consumers. The Company noted in that January 10, 2010 story that it was using a technique developed by Mindmetic, a company that uses neurotechnology to measure the brain's reaction to stimulus or in Bark Group's case, advertising.

Bark Group CEO, Anders Hageskov, said the technology "targets consumer emotions advertisers want to reach."

Prior to Thursday's Anaconda announcement, BKPG said it was acquiring a 10% stake in Mindmetic.

"Mindmetic's cutting-edge technology enables us to better understand consumer behavior and enhance the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns across all media," said Hageskov.

The Mindmetic's purchase is in keeping with Bark Group's plans to expand through acquisition, though based on Hageskov's comment, Anaconda will break new ground in the advertising arena once its in-flight comic clips are in use and plane passenger response levels are measured.

In the Dec 15, 2010 story, AXcess News noted that Bark Group had established a similar relationship with Glass box ApS in measuring the effectiveness of web marketing campaigns. Hageskov said, "We will gain invaluable insights into the user behaviors on our web campaigns, before they are even launched, enabling us to tweak our campaigns for maximum effectiveness."

In the US, marketers are already combining web and tv campaigns, though none boast the depth of consumer measurement of Bark Group. Yet if Hageskov's company can continue to deliver, Bark Group will most likely succeed with its plan to enter the US market with a bang.

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