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February 03, 2010 06:00 ET

AXcess News: Marketers Embrace Consumer Engagement

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - February 3, 2010) - If the web has taught us one thing it's that consumers want more out of the content they view -- as do marketers, who are embracing advertising networks that can deliver. According to Alterian's 7th annual marketers survey 2010, that means listening to consumers, which for Bloggerwave, Inc. (OTCBB: BLGW) is the only way it works.

eMarketer noted in a January 21, 2009 article on Alterian's Survey that "the maturity of digital and social media requires integration of marketing strategies."

To founder Ulrik Svane Thomsen, the key to any good consumer oriented marketing campaign across the company's 30,000 blogs is honesty.

In a telephone interview with AXcess News, Thomsen said bloggers who post about companies or their products must present their views in an open and straightforward manner. "Write honestly about what you think of a company," said Thomsen.

While the Bloggerwave Director took out all the fifty dollar words and laid his case simply, Thomsen said that he hoped to bring innovation into the North American advertising arena. "Instead of copying others, we want to be first with new ideas," Thomsen explained, though he stopped short of revealing's plans ahead of its announced entrance into the US, which was announced the following morning.

Alterian's Survey noted that, "The only communications tolerated by consumers are those that are appropriate, timely and relevant -- regardless of channel," essentially validating what Thomsen said.

Eighty-one percent of those marketers surveyed who were integrating their marketing strategies were either making a Significant Effort (20%), Fair Amount of Effort (31%) or Some Effort (31%), compared to Little (11%) or No (7%) effort.

Those type of figures show why the largest blog advertising network in Europe has moved into the lucrative US advertising arena while already boasting a No. 3 position in the US ahead of that move.

Thomsen said had already garnered 6000 blogs in the US ahead of his Company locating in Mountain View, California and that he hoped more bloggers here would sign up and that more ad agencies would knock on's door as well.

Figures from Alterian show that only 7% of marketers staff are skilled enough to implement new customer engagement strategies, but that knowledge was generally restricted to personnel in digital roles. Another 37% said they planned to pursue investments in the area.

With so few marketers capable of engaging consumer-oriented strategies on their own, it looks like Bloggerwave's timing couldn't be better.

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