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December 07, 2010 09:15 ET

Axiologix Spotlights Advantages of eBoard and Curricuplan Software

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) - Axiologix Education Corporation ( (OTCBB: AXLX), an educational software provider, made an announcement today regarding the advantages for educators from using the eBoard and Curricuplan educational software offerings.

On December 2, 2010, Axiologix announced that the company had executed a sales agent agreement with Seacliff Educational Solutions. This agreement will allow Axiologix to offer for sale two of Seacliff's products: eBoard and Curricuplan. The core purposes of these two applications are to improve student achievement and provide for easier and more efficient administration for educators and administrators.

eBoard is a user friendly online service that lets any educator create a web site in just minutes. eBoard acts like an on-line cork board where educators can post information for students and parents. These postings show up as sticky notes and can be opened by clicking on the note title.

Benefits of eBoard

  • Increases communication/collaboration among students, teachers, and parents through links, photos, pod casts, streaming video, etc.
  • Actively involves students, teachers, and parents in the students' education in addition to connecting them and opening lines of communication.
  • Includes an integrated calendar to help keep students focused and parents involved.
  • The use of iNotes allows students, teachers, and parents to discuss and collaborate, while keeping students focused and actively involved in their own education even while outside of the classroom.
  • Allows effective communication between students, teachers, and parents regardless of location.

Curricuplan is also a user friendly web based instructional content management solution that provides secure, online access so that educators can participate in an online community that focuses on the development of high quality instruction. Using Curricuplan, educators collaborate online to design, align, share, review, and reflect standards based on instructional plans and resources. Curricuplan's Peer Review Process engages peers and experts in online, reflective discussions providing feedback to enhance the instructional practice.

Benefits of Curricuplan

  • With increasing federal and state guidelines it becomes tedious and time consuming to create and customize lesson plans with practical application -- Curricuplan uses customizable templates that allow teachers to quickly and easily customize lesson plans while adhering to guidelines and providing high quality instruction.
  • Allows teachers to easily access and assess standards, collaborate on solutions to issues, and adapt the curriculum to keep standards high. Curricuplan also allows teachers across the district to share lesson plans so that each teacher does not need to re-invent the wheel. This means less time is required to create lesson plans and more time can be spent on instruction.
  • Integrates the use of Academic Benchmarks, a leader in standards and alignment tools, to provide up to date standards and alignments on local, district, state, national, and international standards for K-12.
  • Easily allows teachers and administrators to evaluate the effectiveness of the classroom to raise standards and alert teachers to where changes need to be made and what those changes need to be.
  • Includes Professional Development for teachers to learn the software and the process.

"We believe that the US is in the early stages of educational reform and we want to position our company to offer products and services that help with that process," said John Daglis, CEO of Axiologix Education Corporation. "If we can successfully promote eBoard and Curricuplan, we believe we can build our company's revenue and benefit our shareholders, all while improving the educational experience of students, teachers, and parents alike," Daglis said.

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Axiologix Education Corporation is an educational software and services provider. The company is now on a quest to become one of the nation's leading partners with school systems K-12 and higher education, focused on raising student achievement through research-based school design, uniquely aligned assessment systems, interactive professional development, integrated use of technology, and other proven productivity applications in education.

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