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February 27, 2007 10:59 ET

Axolotl Customers Use Elysium™ to Participate in NHIN Architectural Prototype

Northrop Grumman Consortium Demonstrates Viable Prototype for Nationwide Health Information Network Architecture

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 -- Axolotl Corp. today announced that two Elysium RHIO customers recently participated in the demonstration of a proposed architecture for a nationwide healthcare information network. As a participant in the Northrop Grumman consortium, Axolotl enhanced its award-winning Elysium application suite to interoperate with the prototype architecture to exchange data with other applications. The consortium solution focused on physician adoption, lowering the financial and technical barriers to entry, and connecting proven vendor products. As recommended by the Markle Foundation's Connecting for Health, the requirement to have no centralized registry or data repository was also supported in all of the architectural decisions.

Axolotl is the leading supplier of complete software and service solutions for RHIOs, and two of their RHIO customers signed on to participate in the NHIN prototype. Physicians from the Santa Cruz County, CA and Grand Junction, CO RHIOs participated in the live demonstrations in Washington, DC. "With the same Elysium system that I use every day to electronically manage my patient information, I was able to exchange clinical information with a physician across the country who was seeing one of my patients," shared Robert Keet, Medical Director of Western Medical Associates in Santa Cruz, CA.

Greg Reicks, a practicing physician and participant in the Quality Health Network in Grand Junction, CO, said, "Having seen the value of electronic data exchange within our community, I am convinced that the sharing of information facilitates higher quality patient care. Seeing this same process operate on a national level through the demonstration project solidifies my feeling that electronic data exchange on a national level is certainly feasible and offers our nation the opportunity to provide higher-quality, more cost-effective care to our population."

Dick Thompson, Executive Director of Quality Health Network, also attended the event. "I was so impressed to see that five unique healthcare applications could securely exchange patient information, all without altering the physician's workflow or user interface. The work behind the scenes that it took to accomplish that impressive technological success was invisible to the physician users -- as it should be!"

"The benefits that are derived by using the technology and lessons learned in the NHIN prototype will clearly result in fewer unnecessary treatments, fewer duplicate tests, improvement in patient care, an overall reduction in the cost of healthcare on a national scale and an addition to the savings we have seen locally with Elysium over the past ten years," said Bill Beighe, CIO of Physicians Medical Group IPA of Santa Cruz, after seeing the exchange in operation. The IPA has hundreds of physician users of Elysium throughout Santa Cruz County, many of whom have been using Elysium for a decade.

Ray Scott, Axolotl's CEO, stated, "The Northrop Grumman service-oriented approach, with Elysium deployed in the regional networks, demonstrates a cost-effective, secure solution for the exchange of healthcare information across a region, a state and even across the country. The engineering issues are solved. It only remains for forward-thinking leaders in state healthcare initiatives to take the next steps to turn this into an operational solution."

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