March 17, 2008 07:00 ET

Axonn Receives Patent for Proprietary Transmitter Unit

Second Patent Award Significantly Increases Intellectual Property Position

COVINGTON, LA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - Axonn LLC, the exclusive provider of asset monitoring hardware utilizing the Globalstar Simplex Data Network, today announced it has been awarded patent number 7.337.061 for its AXTracker® line of products. The patent addresses technology for monitoring the status of tracked assets through external connections on an AXTracker-like device.

Dave Biggs, Axonn's CEO, says, "This new patent is just one of a series of continuation patents Axonn has pending to protect innovations we have made in asset tracking technology."

AXTracker units are global one-way communication and asset monitoring devices that combine the Globalstar Simplex Data Service, GPS and RF technologies with innovative battery design to deliver a "place-and-play," long service-life solution for monitoring fixed and mobile assets. According to patent documentation, "there is an unmet need for an asset management device that operates on an internal battery and provides years of service, utilizes satellite communication with a worldwide footprint, integrates Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) service providing worldwide location determination, and provides for external data such as alarms and raw user data to enable endpoint monitoring status beyond location."

Therefore, patent number 7.337.061 was awarded to Axonn and will cover the tracking and status of mobile assets using positioning information that utilizes a simplex transmitter to send the information over a low earth orbit satellite network.

The simplex modems developed by AXONN transmit real-time GPS location and other data over the Globalstar constellation of low earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites. Simplex data is transmitted only one-way, from the asset. This form of communication allows costs to remain low and battery life to be extremely long. The product is currently used on a variety of mobile assets such as cargo containers, trailers and railcars, construction and service vehicles as well as fixed assets like field equipment, generators, pipelines, and propane and fuel storage tanks.

Axonn products are currently available globally through more than 30 value added resellers (VARs), product integrators and data service providers who integrate Axonn's hardware as part of their asset tracking, monitoring and management solutions.

About Axonn

Headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, Axonn has been committed to the research and development of cost effective wireless technology to communicate low bandwidth data since 1985. Until recently, Axonn focused on industrial marketplaces, but entered the consumer market place last year with the introduction of the SPoT. SPoT, the world's most cost effective personal tracker, was designed by Axonn and is manufactured by them exclusively for SPoT Inc., a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., who markets and sells it through various retail outlets.

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