AXON Integration & Development

AXON Integration & Development

September 07, 2016 10:30 ET

AXON's Outsourcing Center for Automated Tests Guarantees the Quality of All Applications

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sept. 7, 2016) - AXON, the center of expertise in advanced integrated software development and quality assurance, announces today the launch of its outsourcing center for software automated testing. This new outsourcing service is part of AXON's strategic outlook to provide a wide range of comprehensive quality assurance services to meet their clients' business needs in software development.

Testing is a complex art. The process involves developing, documenting, implementing and correcting bugs detected. These steps are then repeated when an error is identified, which can be long and expensive. With its new outsourcing service, AXON automates software testing for their clients without them having to change their development process. Efforts and costs are reduced, quality is increased, tracking is improved and the deployment of applications is accelerated.

"We understand that testing is complex and is becoming critical in order to succeed. Thus, we offer our customers turnkey services to meet their needs in order to support them during their transition from manual to automated tests. The issue is no longer if we should automate testing but when and how," says Steeve Duchesne, President and co-founder of AXON. "By outsourcing their testing, our customers can trust that we will automate their tests for less than what manual testing would cost them. Furthermore, all tests remain their property."

In order to successfully automate software testing, specialized tools, unique methodologies, and most importantly, skills and expertise are essential. With its unique center that outsources software automated tests, AXON transforms how quality assurance is implemented by providing the most effective test solutions that ensure the deployment of applications without any bugs.

AXON is also committed to offering its customers outsourcing services for their manual tests, if needed.

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AXON is a center of expertise in advanced software development and quality assurance. We aim to optimize the competitive advantages of our customers while reducing costs and risks. In addition to developing customized, premium quality software, AXON offers ASKIDA™, the leading software solution that guarantees the quality of existing and new applications. AXON's client base consists of innovative organizations across North America that require top-of-the-line solutions that cater to their unique business processes and high standards for ultimate software quality.

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