December 11, 2007 08:25 ET

AXS-One Introduces Industry's First Complete Enterprise Archive Solution for Data Preservation and Pro-Active Case Management

Company Responds to Critical Need to Reduce Time, Costs and Risks of Litigation Readiness on the First Anniversary of FRCP Amendments

RUTHERFORD, NJ--(Marketwire - December 11, 2007) - AXS-One (OTCBB: AXSO), a leading provider of scalable, high-performance records compliance management (RCM) solutions, today announced the release of the AXS-One Compliance Platform 3.7, the much-enhanced version of its award-winning flagship product. Optimized for scalability and policy-driven data retention, Version 3.7 is the first and only archiving solution to provide comprehensive, integrated functionality to ensure that records pertaining to a specific case or cases are preserved and managed, in line with litigation hold orders and that an auditable chain of custody supports testimony requirements.

Version 3.7 is dubbed The Data Preservation Edition, and general availability has been timed to coincide with the first anniversary of the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). The amendments introduced new rules for the discovery and handling of electronic records in Federal courts, placing additional importance on the need for adequate data preservation as well as introducing a new all-encompassing category of records described as Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

"The FRCP amendments have truly exposed the fragility of so many companies' records management policies and technology. With so much focus on data preservation and strict timelines for discovery orders, customers are starting to re-evaluate their previous technology decisions and are demanding tools that allow them to become pro-active about litigation readiness as well as be able to handle more of the process in-house. As far as the courts are concerned, if a record cannot be found, it may as well not exist. Therefore, even the most careful archiving efforts can be rendered useless without adequate data preservation tools," said Bill Lyons, CEO, AXS-One. "A comprehensive electronic records management system with 'self service' case management tools is exactly what the market is looking for."

Lyons added that: "FRCP requires litigation hold, which can prevent companies from disposing of records. The AXS-One Preservation Edition, however, allows companies to confidently start the disposition process. Previously, companies would not delete e-mails, backup tapes or files as they potentially contained ESI needed for litigation, but the AXS-One system allows them to start the disposition process by accurately retaining only essential business documents and particular documents related to the specific litigation."

The AXS-One Data Preservation Edition specifically introduces extensively enhanced workflow-based case management capabilities, improved PST and File System Archiving functionality, enhancements to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes and Domino e-mail archiving modules (including support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Notes/Domino 8), significant enhancement to reporting and the introduction of an online monitoring dashboard as well as simplifying product administration and minimizing training requirements, by adopting native user interfaces.

"AXS-One, unlike other archiving providers, is solely focused on electronic records management software. Building on our fifteen years of domain expertise, we have focused our resources on updating our flagship product to meet customer requirements and address the industry's massively evolving demands," added Lyons. "With our customers archiving up to half a terabyte of data per day on the one hand and balancing the data preservation implications of hundreds of concurrent cases on the other, the Data Preservation Edition builds on our heritage of single platform and scalability to introduce the industry's first data preservation and case management solution for ESI."

The AXS-One Compliance Platform provides customers a seamless and easy to implement solution to address the reactive, expensive and labor-intensive responses to litigation and e-discovery. This is achieved through a single archiving and electronic records management software platform. The platform handles policy-based management of disparate electronic records, including e-mail and instant messages, reports, SAP documents and data, desktop documents, voice, video and images. The solution, available as a client-side product as well as a hosted offering through AXS-One partners, offers a range of capabilities to address growing concerns and requirements for records management as well as delivering exceptional operational savings and superior ROI.

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