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Axxess Payments

October 05, 2012 08:00 ET

Axxess Payments Perfects Merchant Account Customer Service

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2012) - Websites, emails and even automated ticketing systems sometimes cannot accomplish what live interaction can, especially when pressing matters like billing, card swiping issues and payment gateway errors are costing businesses time and money. Boasting perhaps the best support personnel in the industry, Axxess Payments perfects merchant account customer service by doing more than just picking up the phones: they're listening ever closely to their customers' needs and desires. The customer service offered by Axxess Payments is, by and large, the best in the merchant credit card processing genre hands down.

Taking feedback, fielding phone calls and properly addressing customers like family epitomize the efforts Axxess Payments has purported in making every incoming call a stand-alone priority. Without fail, each support representative carefully verifies each caller, listens to every word of their problematic situation, and takes immeasurable efforts to remedy the errors, albeit technically assisting the customer or just offering some sound advice. Axxess Payments has truly built humility and intelligence into the customer service genome and intends on making their personnel even stronger as their company grows.

With their newly introduced mobile payments processing innovation, customer service personnel are being trained, and brought in, to handle the growing demand of mobile payment processing users who may not clearly understand the many intricacies of this technology, or simply want other types of billing or customer support. Regardless of why Axxess Payments customers need support, the personnel running the customer service department will be there without fail.

About Axxess Payments

Axxess Payments utilizes industry strength security and technology in their payment processing gateways, wireless systems, online security platforms and newly innovated mobile payments processing service. Compliant with PCI standards and offering price-beating promises, Axxess allows the merchant, small business and singular entity to seamlessly process payments over secure connection without excessive costs and surcharges. Axxess offers processing through Visa, MasterCard, and Interac networks along with many other prudent payment solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Reaching Axxess Payments

If you're ready to get onboard with an industry leader in mobile and swipe-based credit card processing, use Axxess Payments website to contact their sales or tech team. Alternatively, the contact information is listed below if you wish to reach out immediately without visiting their web platform. Media kit and press inquiries should be directed to sales department where your request will be routed.

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