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Azork, Ltd.

February 28, 2011 09:00 ET

Azork, Ltd. Unleashes the Drund Project

Free Application Management Platform Brings Consumers' Online World Wherever They Are With Any Device

YOUNGSTOWN, OH--(Marketwire - February 28, 2011) -


  • Today marks the launch of Drund, an application management and browser-agnostic development platform. The brainchild of Azork, Ltd. this technology will allow users to manage their online life from any Internet connected device and give developers a single platform to deploy their apps across any Web browser.

  • In the current app market, developers must create and maintain multiple versions of a single app in order to deploy their content on every popular mobile and Web app platform. Add subscription fees to the mix and developers are fighting an uphill battle toward profitability. What do developers get with Drund?

    • Single platform deployment -- Instead of having to develop and maintain the same application across multiple platforms, developers create their app once on Drund and it deploys to any Web or mobile browser.
    • No subscription fees -- Developers that are losing up to 30 percent on app store subscription fees can use Drund to bypass app stores and connect with users through the Web.
    • Developer Community -- Drund's platform is created with the purpose of giving developers the opportunity to share their products without having to sacrifice earnings to reach users.

  • For users, Drund is about providing the products consumers love and offering the ability to put them all in one place that can be accessed anywhere the internet is available, from any device, on any platform, and without installing software. What do you get with Drund?

    • Your operating system. In your browser, from anywhere -- With Drund you can organize and edit all of your files. Drund breaks the cycle of buying expensive hardware and software because the cloud handles most of the processing and storage for you. Drund is your life, simplified.
    • Aggregated social and media networks -- Manage all of your social networks in one place with Drund apps for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, and more. Access your media from anywhere with Drund TV (an integration of Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon), Pandora, and Drund Music (with access to Rhapsody and Napster).
    • Remote storage and backup -- Keep all of your important files in one place that you can access wherever you go. With Drund you don't have to transfer files back and forth between your computers, flash drives, and e-mail. Drund lives in the cloud so if any of your computers die or if you lose your flash drive you won't have to worry about losing your information.

  • Drund uses a security standard called OAuth to interact with system applications. OAuth allows users to approve applications to act on their behalf. Drund never stores users' usernames or passwords to third party applications. In this sense, users have the option of giving Drund limited access to services, similar to how a valet key allows limited access to a car.

  • If you are interested in "freeing yourself" with Drund, join the mission. To learn more visit:

"Can you imagine a world where you never have to carry a laptop or USB port with you again? We created Drund so you could access YOUR computer WHEREVER you log-in. Whether you go lightweight with a tablet or netbook, you'll never worry about software upgrades again. A browser of your choice will bring you a tailored and complete online world without hassle or worry. As helpful as Drund will be to users, our open platform frees developers to get the most out of their hard work. We want Drund to be revolutionary for the user, but to get there we need developers to create great apps to attract eyeballs. Drund's platform gives developers the opportunity to create an app one time, and it will reach users on any device or browser. Creating a great user platform really starts with giving developers the freedom to ply their craft to the Web and stop worrying about individual devices."
-- Lee Yi, Founder, Azork, Ltd.

About Azork, Ltd.
Azork, Ltd. is the creator of Drund. Drund is an application management and browser-agnostic development platform that offers a maintenance-free website publishing tool, aggregates social and media networks, and provides remote storage and backup that you can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Free yourself with Drund and join us in the mission to simplify your life. To learn more visit:

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