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September 06, 2012 12:00 ET

Azumio Launches New Sleep Time App to End Sleep Deprivation, Lower Diabetes by Automatically Analyzing and Graphing User Sleep Patterns and Behaviors

With 70 Million Americans Facing Chronic Sleep Problems, Global Mobile Health Leader Debuts Android Sleep Time App, Unveils Updated iOS App to Improve Sleeping Habits

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2012) - Azumio, a pioneer in mobile biofeedback technologies and personal health applications, today announced the launch of the new Sleep Time app for Android and updated app for iPhone, which help people lower chances of diabetes and other serious health threats due to a lack of sleep. Sleep Time is a pioneering mobile sleep app that helps users track, change and improve sleeping behaviors by sensing subtle movements while you are in bed, analyzing sleep cycles and tracking sleep interruption.

Sleep data gathered by the app provides insights about each user's personal sleep patterns, and can trigger the phone's alarm within a 30-minute window to wake the user when it senses the lightest sleep cycle leaving you feeling more refreshed. Sleep Time also saves sleep data and displays graphs and comparative statistics so a user can track night over night their sleep patterns and trends and make changes to their routines during the day to achieve overall better sleep.

Sleep Deprivation: A Major Catalyst to Poor Health
"There's a mass influx in sleep deprivation around the world with the increase of stress in jobs, growing families, and economic pressures. Mobile health and biofeedback solutions like Azumio's Sleep Time are leading the growing demand for solutions that help people live a more healthy lifestyle," said Dr. Paul C. Zei (MD and PhD), Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford. "Sleep Time provides accurate and impactful sleep analysis which effects all functions of the body including cardiovascular health. This is yet another example of how innovative companies like Azumio can develop applications for mobile devices that influence the health and wellness for millions of consumers and hopefully begin the trend of preventative measures using the device we carry every day -- the smartphone."

How it Works: Measure, Graph and Improve Sleeping Behavior
Sleep Time syncs to Azumio's mobile health platform, and utilizes Android and iPhone accelerometers coupled with Azumio's proprietary sleep-tracking algorithm to sense movements throughout the night. In the morning, the user can access the previous evenings' graph of the sleep cycles and number of 'wakes.' Azumio's technology monitors sleep phases including Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

The update for the iOS app, Sleep Time+, provides weekly and monthly charts to track sleep efficiencies over time and offers new sleep-enhancing soundscapes to help you fall asleep every night. 

Sleep Behavior: Research
According to Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital study, with three weeks of abnormal sleep, the human body:

  • Fails to produce enough insulin after a meal (required to absorb sugar from the bloodstream).
  • Dramatically increases blood sugar levels -- peaking high enough to be diagnosed as prediabetic
  • Gains an annual equivalent of 10-to-12 pounds over a year
  • Risk type 2 diabetes -- the kind most likely to affect older individuals

"The mobile health industry is at an imperative stage of development -- companies must step up and create the type of apps and solutions that enable the average consumer to understand, quickly and easily, how to use their smartphone to improve their health. Sleep Time offers the most user-friendly interface on the market today," said Tom Xu, Chief Product Officer at Azumio. "Sleep deprivation is among one of the most prevalent disorders which effects overall health in many ways including stress, mental health, cardiovascular health and preventative care. Sleep Time is a serious solution that makes improving sleep behaviors easy and accessible."

The announcement follows Azumio's acquisition of mobile health developer SkyHealth, deepening the engineering team and driving new Sleep Time innovations.

Sleep Time for Android is available for free on Google Play. A free version of Sleep Time is also available for iPhone. Sleep Time+ is available now for $0.99 on iTunes.

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