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October 09, 2012 11:00 ET

B2X Care Solutions Achieves Increased Volume and Reaches Number Three Position in Global After-Sales Customer Service Markets

B2X Helps OEMs in Mobile and Consumer Electronics Achieve Operational Excellence, Cost Savings and Seamless Brand Experience

MUNICH, GERMANY and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 9, 2012) -  B2X Care Solutions (B2X), the global end-to-end after-sales and customer services company focusing on the massive $20B after-sales market for mobile devices and consumer electronics industries, announces increased service volume (over 10M managed repairs globally), 2x revenue growth, market share capture (number three worldwide in device repairs) and new customer wins.

B2X Total Care unifies all customer service activities that occur after the sale, from preventative care and warranty management, to device repair and reverse logistics for the mobile and consumer electronics industries globally. Serving markets where margins are notoriously slim, B2X helps companies with their back-end support and service processes to provide cost savings and determine better operational efficiencies.

B2X Business Growth
B2X has doubled revenues in fiscal year 2011/12 and is on track to increase by another 2x in the current fiscal year 2012/13. B2X covers 9% of the global warranty installed base today and is already number three worldwide in terms of managing device repairs under warranty. The largest amount of managed mobile device repairs worldwide are provided by Nokia, Samsung and B2X respectively. This equates to B2X managing warranty cost of more than 1B USD. Globally, over 10 million devices are repaired and moved through B2X processes with successful outcomes each year. [See B2X Care Solutions infographic.]

The After-Sales Process & B2X Approach
From the moment a consumer calls customer service or walks into a point of sale with a service need, and until a fully functioning product is returned to the consumer, B2X handles those aspects of the customer experience. Almost anyone who owns a consumer electronic device has experienced it failing, and has faced the tedious process of getting it repaired or replaced. B2X understands this consumer pain and the importance of seamless brand integrity for clients (original equipment manufacturers or OEMs) and seeks to unify all customer service activities that occur after the device sale.

B2X Blue Chip, Global Client Base & New Customer Wins
B2X serves blue chip customers in 100 countries, and 30 languages across the globe. B2X's growth is evidenced by rapidly expanding its after-sales business with existing customers including Samsung, Motorola, Sony Mobile, HP, Fujitsu, Telefonica and Orange, as well as a recent deal with Research In Motion.

In a move to continually improve efficiencies and focus on operational excellence, Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, has chosen to partner with B2X. RIM is working with B2X on outsourcing the management of device repair services to B2X Total Care.

"In a US$20 billion annual after-sales market for mobile devices and consumer electronics, the potential savings B2X can deliver are enormous," said Karim Barkawi, CEO of B2X Care Solutions. "To date, there are no competitors with a comparable skill set, end-to-end service offering and platform covering the globe like B2X. Furthermore, B2X is asset-less, relying on its network of over 500 service providers unified through its IT platform. As a result, B2X is agile and efficient, able to drive margin enhancement immediately and have time to market advantages without the shackles of ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) requirements."

Technology Platform & Device Diagnostics Innovation
B2X provides a proprietary cloud-based IT platform, B2X Total Care, which is the only multi-vendor solution of its kind in the industry. The platform is designed to keep products out of repair facilities, and a properly functioning device in a user's hands. This approach is intended to produce satisfied end-users, and dramatic savings for manufacturers -- typically in the 10-25% range. B2X is changing the nature of the after-sales experience, by offering innovative self-healing applications and other front-end solutions that keep products in end-users' hands.

About B2X
B2X Care Solutions is a global end-to-end after-sales platform technology and services company. B2X Total Care manages a worldwide system of 500 providers servicing over 100 countries in 30 languages. B2X provides fast, seamless, cost-effective services with real-time visibility wherever its clients' products are sold. B2X's business model is unlike any of its competitors, who make money through costly product repairs. B2X is able to deliver cost savings to clients through volume aggregation and systems integration, regardless of geography or product, something traditional service organizations are unable to do because of their physical assets and established supply chain. B2X's incentives are aligned with its clients: reduce repair incidents, reduce after-sales costs, improve margins and deliver an outstanding end-user experience.
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