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May 09, 2013 11:24 ET

Baby Safety Brands LEVANA® & SNUZA™ Announce Technology Licensing Partnership

NIAGARA FALLS, ON--(Marketwired - May 09, 2013) -  CWD, owner of the LEVANA® baby video monitor brand, announced they have entered into an exclusive technology licensing partnership with BIOSENTRONICS CC, inventors of the SNUZA™ Go!™ and Hero™ mobile baby movement monitors. Starting June 2013, the SNUZA movement monitors will be sold in the United States and Canada as LEVANA Powered by SNUZA Oma™ and Oma+™. A highly recognized baby safety brand in North America, LEVANA is thrilled to add the unique wireless movement monitors to their existing baby safety lineup, giving parents the option to monitor baby's abdominal movement without the need for running dangerous wires in or around the crib.

The SNUZA Hero and Go! are portable, battery-powered baby movement monitors, which eliminate the hazards associated with power cords. SNUZA movement monitors are worn clipped to the diaper and a flexible sensor tip rests against the navel area, allowing the monitor to analyze the abdominal movement of the child. Designed to alert parents if baby's regular movements have stopped, baby movement monitors have traditionally been in the shape of a 12" x 12" sensor pad that is placed under the crib mattress. Because that style of movement monitor is powered by an AC adapter the power cord hangs from the side of the crib which may pose a potential safety hazard for baby. Similar to the sensor pad style of monitor, if motion stops for longer than 15 seconds, an audible alarm will sound alerting the parent that their attention is required immediately. However, given that the clip on wireless version designed by SNUZA remains in constant contact with the key source of movement -- baby's abdomen -- the likelihood of false alarms is also greatly reduced.

As a pioneer in baby video monitor safety and an active participant in the Juvenile Product Manufacturer's Association's (JPMA) 2012 -2013 Cord Safety Campaign, LEVANA determined adding a wire-free movement monitor to their product lineup was necessary. When the opportunity to partner with BIOSENTRONICS arose, CWD Managing Director Raj Jain knew this would be a great chance to offer a unique addition to their line of LEVANA baby monitors. 

"In addition to BIOSENTRONICS' well-developed patented technology, we were also intrigued by the huge amount of enthusiastic testimonials garnered by the Hero and Go! models. Hundreds of parents indicated these monitors brought them peace of mind and, in many cases, the monitors alerted them when their child's abdominal movement had stopped. This has helped many parents and caregivers avoid what could have otherwise been a tragic discovery. Being able to empower parents with the ability to stay informed of their child's safety and well-being is of the utmost importance to LEVANA®. We firmly believe that the SNUZA movement monitor's technology and design overcomes the challenge of keeping a baby's sleep environment safe which is something we feel all parents and caregivers want for their children."

The LEVANA Powered by SNUZA branded baby movement monitors will be available in late June 2013. The rebranded versions will function exactly as the previous versions do but customers will see changes to the product label, packaging and names. SNUZA Go!, which alerts parents with an audible alarm if abdominal movement stops, will become LEVANA Powered by SNUZA Oma. SNUZA Hero, which vibrates before sounding the alarm in an attempt to rouse the child, will become LEVANA Powered by SNUZA Oma+.

"Both versions of this monitor offer the same level of comfort parents would feel when leaving their child in the care of an experienced loved one." said Jain, "We chose the name Oma because it means 'Grandmother', the wisest and most trusted caregiver in every family."

Oma and Oma+ will be available for presale at in June 2013. During the recent Million Dollar Baby Shower episode of CBS's The Talk, a 50% coupon for Oma or Oma+ was included with each of the 275 Astra™ Digital Baby Video Monitors given to the studio audience of expectant moms. 

Says Jain, "We thrive on the feedback we get from our parents and The Talk giveaway allowed us to reach out with a special offer to 275 baby gear experts who will need a movement monitor very soon. We can't wait to hear what they say about this monitor. We always encourage our LEVANA community to tell us their stories so we can share their experiences with the next generation of parents. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing our customers say we have helped their family."


LEVANA® is committed to the research, development and distribution of products designed to aid parents in ensuring the well-being of their children. In 2002, under the CWD video security brand SVAT™, the company began using the same technology to create wireless handheld video baby monitors. The name LEVANA is derived from the story of the Roman goddess who devoted her existence to the well-being of infants.


Biosentronics CC specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of leading edge bio-sensory electronic devices, with a focus on baby safety products.

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