SOURCE: Euromonitor International

March 07, 2007 13:29 ET

Back-to-Basics Beauty

Consumers Call for Simple Beauty Products in an Over Segmented Market

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2007 -- 'New' is old news in the beauty industry as innovation for innovation's sake is turning off consumers with many already struggling to choose from store shelves flooded with options. The time is right for back-to-basics beauty, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

Product Overload

The beauty industry constantly turns towards new innovation to reach consumers and every beauty need with products designed for all types of skin, hair length, color and season. "The personal care industry is reaching segmentation saturation point and consumers are becoming overwhelmed and sceptical of product claims," says Diana Dodson, Senior Cosmetics and Toiletries analyst at Euromonitor International. "Tired of too many choices, many consumers are turning to simpler beauty products, just as they are starting to simplify their hectic lifestyles."

And the downturn for the beauty industry has just begun. Euromonitor International's research shows that the anti-aging skin care category, often associated with outlandish product claims and a plethora of product offerings, will begin to see its growth decline through 2011. Dropping from strong sales growth of 126% between 1997 and 2006, to just 39% over the next decade.

The Simple Life

The launch of simpler products comes at a time when some dermatologists are endorsing a back-to-basics movement encouraging people to restrict their use of cosmetics. While beauty companies introduce products marketed for specific body parts, including necks, creases around the mouth and eyelids, the movement advocates that for healthy skin all that is necessary is a high-quality cleanser and moisturizer.

"Products from companies such as Biotherm and its new Healthy Difference facial moisturizer are a radical departure from the current trend towards increasingly diverse, problem-solving formulations," explains Euromonitor's Dodson. "Healthy Difference offers a one-product-fits-all solution to keep normal skin healthy. Rather than adding nutrients to the skin or altering its balance with active ingredients, it is being marketed as a product which optimizes the skin's own defenses to keep it soft, smooth and younger looking."

"Back-to-basics beauty is an appealing marketing tactic," comments Dodson, "with simple, often natural formulas fitting particularly well with the growing consumer demographic that demands natural or organic beauty products. What consumer wouldn't agree with the less is more philosophy when it comes to their skin?"

Additional data points and growth rates on the cosmetics and toiletries market in the United States and globally are available.

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