Le Bal Erotique (TM)

Le Bal Erotique (TM)

July 08, 2008 08:30 ET

Bal Erotique® III in Association with Nexcite® Presents: Illuminati, a Midnight Masquerade for the Sensually Enlightened

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - July 8, 2008) - The 3rd edition of Le Bal Erotique® will take place on August 15th, 2008 at Club Opera, in Montreal. The Bal Erotique® is an annual event that celebrates sexuality and freedom of expression.

Le Bal Erotique® incorporates live shows, music, dancing, costumes, video and performance art and once again promises to raise its participants to new sensorial heights as it returns for its third edition this summer!

Le Bal Erotique® attracted 500 participants when it made its debut in August 2006 and doubled a year later with its second edition entitled "Garden of Eden". Since its inception, Le Bal Erotique® has undoubtedly attracted media attention. Its cofounder, Frank Scuccimarri, has been featured in several articles and tv shows as a guest, invited to demystify and explore emerging views on sexual attitudes and lifestyles. When Bal Erotique® debuted in 2006, Frank was invited to speak on the French language television show "Dutrizac". He has since attracted the attention of Anne Marie Losique's production company, Image Diffusion International (IDI), producers of the show "Culture du X" that is currently being broadcast on Canal D and Sex TV. Most recently, Frank was featured on "Sommes-nous?" hosted by Patrick Masbourian which will debut in January '09. Whenever given the opportunity to speak to the media, Frank explains the primary objective of Le Bal Erotique® which is to allow each participant to celebrate and express their sexual identity and thereby promoting tolerance and non-judgment. In addition, Le Bal Erotique® strives to promote local talent and showcase the richness and diversity of Montreal's artistic community.

This year, Le Bal Erotique® invites participants to attend a midnight masquerade entitled "Iluminati" and is exploring the theme of mysterious secret societies. The event will feature star DJ Angel Moraes, a turntable genius and sound system specialist. The performances throughout the evening will be presented by the circus troupe, "les 7 doigts de la main". These artists bring an intimate circus experience with a new, urban flavor. Their distinctive style will be added to this year's unique Bal Erotique® III.

In addition, this year, Le Bal Erotique® has the pleasure of welcoming, ARTundressed, an international art exhibit which is presently on a world tour and stopping in Montreal as part of "Provocation, sensuality and eroticism", an exposition by the Conseil des arts du Quebec and Le Bal Erotique®. ARTundressed.net (Miami, Montreal, Berlin, Amsterdam and London) showcases work from artists from around the globe, selected by an international jury. Various pieces presented in Montreal can be found in the publication series "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" Volumes I and II.

Le Bal Erotique® is proud to associate with Nexcite® for the 3rd edition of this event and would like to thank its partners and sponsors: HotMovies.com, Desire/Temptation resorts, Mirror/Ici, Il Bolero, Seduction and Image In.

For additional details about Le Bal Erotique®, you are invited to consult the official event website www.balerotique.com and especially the event video montage from Le Bal Erotique® II.

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