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February 01, 2007 12:00 ET

Bandai Visual USA to Release "Gunbuster 2," "The Wings of Rean" and "Demon Prince Enma"

TORRANCE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 1, 2007 -- Bandai Visual USA Inc., a leading innovator in Japanese animation, today announced that they are set to release 3 (three) new anime titles in the U.S. starting Spring 2007. The three titles are "Gunbuster 2," "The Wings of Rean" and "Demon Prince Enma."

"Gunbuster 2"

Sixteen years after the release of the original "Gunbuster" release in Japan, legendary studio GAINAX returns with an epic sequel! Directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki ("FLCL"), "Gunbuster 2" is the story of country girl Nono's quest to become a Topless, the elite pilots whose Buster Machines protect Sol System from the mysterious space monsters!

Set thousands of years after "Gunbuster," the sequel focuses on a space pilot wannabe named Nono from a lonely snow-bound village. Her efforts lead her to join the elite teenage pilot group called Topless in order to defend the Sol System with their superpowers. Nono aspires to and seeks friendship of ace Topless pilot Lal'C even as Space Monsters encroach upon the Sol System and threaten the existence of mankind.

GUNBUSTER 2 Vol. 1 (of 3)
Catalog #: BUDH0105
UPC#: 858604001059

GUNBUSTER 2 Vol. 2 (of 3)
Catalog #: BUDH0106
UPC#: 858604001066

GUNBUSTER 2 Vol. 3 (of 3)
Catalog #: BUDH0107
UPC#: 858604001073
"The Wings of Rean"

The newest work by the famed Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and a culmination of his personal vision in which he explores the family torn in war set against a sci-fi/fantasy backdrop. DVD will be released in 3 (three) volumes. Each volume will have original 32-page booklets and bonus features including interviews and other extras.

In "The Wings of Rean," Sakomizu, a WWII kamikaze pilot transported to an alternate universe returns to wreak havoc on present day Japan. His daughter Lyucus tries to stop her father from conducting his plot, and eventually falls in love with Aesap, a youth living in present day Iwakuni.

The Wings of Rean Vol. 1 (of 3)
Catalog #: BUDH0108
UPC#: 858604001080

The Wings of Rean Vol. 2 (of 3)
Catalog #: BUDH0109
UPC#: 858604001097

The Wings of Rean Vol. 3 (of 3)
Catalog #: BUDH0110
UPC#: 858604001103
"Demon Prince Enma"

An action horror animation series based on a manga created by Go Nagai, a master manga artist who brought classics such as "Devilman," "Mazinger Z," and "Cutey Honey."

Working as a private investigator among humans, prince of demons Enma brings to justice those ghouls that stray into the human world. DVD will be released in 2 (two) volumes. Each volume will have original 16-page booklet and bonus features including interviews.

Catalog #: BUDH0111
UPC#: 858604001110

Catalog #: BUDH0112
UPC#: 858604001127
Product specs are subject to change. Updates and more information will be available through Bandai Visual's MySpace site as well as on the following official sites: "Gunbuster 2" (, "The Wings of Rean"( and "Demon Prince Enma"(

About Bandai Visual USA Inc.:

Bandai Visual USA Inc. was established in 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. with a mission to facilitate stronger, more active involvement in positioning, marketing and distribution of Bandai Visual programs in North America. From its base in Torrance, California, Bandai Visual USA seeks to form new alliances and reinforce existing ties in an effort to strengthen Bandai Visual's international presence as a producer and content provider in the ever expanding and diversified specialty programs market. Bandai Visual USA titles are released on DVD under its Honneamise label, named after the 1987 animation film that Bandai Visual first produced. More information is available at

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