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Barney's Beanery

October 20, 2010 17:01 ET

Barney's Beanery Measures Whitman vs. Brown Race in 7-Day Pre-Election "Rock the Beer" Vote

The Beanery to "Label" Bar Spigots With California Candidate Pix -- Whitman (Bud Light), Brown (Miller Lite), Fiorina (Stella Artois) & Boxer (Heineken)

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - October 20, 2010) - Barney's Beanery, nearing its 90th anniversary of roadhouse business, will be hosting its third "Rock the Beer Vote" with patrons getting a head start and casting their votes beginning on Tuesday, October 26.

Just as was done during the Obama-McCain competition, where thousands cast their publicly tallied votes on video screens prior to the election, California's gubernatorial and Senate candidates will be assigned a premium brand beer with brews sold at $3-a-glass (to promote continuous voting). The colorful photo images of Jerry Brown (Miller Lite) or Meg Whitman (Bud Light) and Barbara Boxer (Heineken) or Carly Fiorina (Stella Artois) will grace each beer tap. At the five Roadhouses, bartenders will be officials monitoring the vote count with perhaps a little disregard for accuracy.

Better than any exit poll data, this method of calculating the vote allows people to have fun and voice their opinions (loudly if need be) while they vote. The original West Hollywood Beanery, as well as more recently opened Barney's Beanery roadhouses in Westwood Village and Burbank at the Collections along with Santa Monica on the Third Street Promenade and on Colorado Blvd. in Old Town Pasadena, will have every strategically placed TV monitor tuned to a rotating series of political commentators as the voting coverage intensifies across the land. "With the Governator saying 'Hasta La Vista,' it should be quite a party come November," said David Houston, Barney's co-owner.

So whether you're politically committed and were on the debate team in college, or couldn't care less and forgot to register, Barney's has a beer glass waiting for you to exercise your right of public expression.

To quench thirsts, Barney's Beanery boasts a choice of close to 200 imported and domestic beers with 40 available on tap, with a myriad of colorfully named ales, including Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale and Hog Heaven or try a Jägerbomb, a shot of 70-proof Jägermeister, dropped into a glass of Red Bull.

The original roadhouse in West Hollywood has four virtual spin-off Barney's Beaneries, complete with road signs, battered license plates and multicolored booths. The newest Barney's opened in July in Westwood Village, home of the UCLA Bruins. Barney's Beanery in Burbank opened in 2008 as an anchor for The Collection. Old Town Pasadena, where the old Route 66 turns into Colorado Blvd, opened in 2006. Santa Monica, also on Route 66, opened in 2004 is located on the trendy Third Street Promenade.

The original restaurant, which opened in 1920, is located at 8447 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, Calif. For more information, visit their web site at

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