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September 03, 2014 06:00 ET

"A Barrier Free Housing Reunion for Persons With Disabilities" to Air on "A Wider World" on PBS: WVSN Reports

MONROE, MI--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2014) - It was a barrier free housing reunion for persons with disabilities hosted by Community Renovations Company of Gross Ile, Michigan, a company devoted solely to construction of barrier free housing environments in Michigan. The gathering became the backdrop for the taping of "A Wider World," a television program about overcoming disabilities that airs nationally on PBS.

The home belongs to James Copi, who was injured at work, leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair. The welcome home party was in honor of James, who, after an eight-month recovery, saw his finished home for the first time. Among the guests were many former customers of Community Renovations who had used the company to build a variety of barrier free environments.

Community Renovations is owned by Eric and Josephine Carbajo, a young, vibrant husband and wife team that prides itself on up-close, personal service for persons with disabilities and remains in contact with them if a service need should arise. "This was a wonderful homecoming for James," said Josephine, who prepared the food enjoyed by all. "It's so rewarding to know that we make such a difference in so many people's lives."

"This was a comprehensive building project," said Eric. "Being an older home, everything had to be changed. We built a small addition in order to accommodate a full walk-in bathroom, new bedrooms convenient to the space, along with an easy ramp access to the front of the house. Another feature became a new attached garage. Since the space was five feet below the house floor level, we installed a battery operated vertical lift that allows James to simply roll onto it and be smoothly and safely lifted to the back door."

"This was an emergency situation for James. One day he was living and working like everyone else; then a freak accident left him paralyzed! If it wasn't for legislation like the ADA and a society that accommodates the disabled, James would not have his independence. I am proud to make my life's work totally about creating independent living for those who need to have barrier free environments. Community Renovations is devoted exclusively to persons with disabilities," said Eric.

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