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April 16, 2007 09:00 ET

Bartron Medical Imaging, Inc. Selects Kazeon to Power Breakthrough Solution for Improving Medical Diagnoses and Management of Diseases

Kazeon Indexes Medical Images, Enables Quick Search for Patient Information, and Applies Policies for Storage Optimization

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 16, 2007 -- Kazeon, the recognized leader in unstructured information management, today announced that Bartron Medical Imaging, Inc. (BMI), a leading provider of advanced medical image analysis, has chosen Kazeon's award-winning Information Server IS1200-ECS to provide better customer service to hospitals for quickly finding, managing, and securing patient information.

"BMI's Medical Segmentation System (MedSeg™) provides physicians and other health care practitioners with the power to take any un-manipulated medical image and segment it to see features in the image that were not previously visible to the naked eye," noted Fitz Walker, Jr., President/CEO of BMI. "We have built this product with some of the most advanced technology from NASA's Goddard Flight Center, CalTech/JPL and the Kennedy Space Center. After rigorous evaluation, Kazeon stood out as best-in-class to help us search, classify, and manage medical images as a critical component of our Med-Seg™ solution."

Kazeon indexes every Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) image that passes through BMI's MedSeg™ solution, collecting metadata about the digital image such as patient name, patient ID number, hospital location, file size and last access time. Radiologists and medical practitioners can now quickly search to locate any document or image related to a particular patient or case stored across hundreds of hospital server and storage devices.

In the healthcare industry, rapid data growth goes beyond email messages and traditional file data to include a vast quantity of medical images that are infrequently accessed yet consume significant amounts of storage. Kazeon's rich policy engine automates the movement of all images to ensure that infrequently accessed images are automatically archived off of primary storage to secondary ultra density optical (UDO) storage.

"Kazeon's IS1200-ECS secure, feature rich search capability enables medical professionals to rapidly identify and locate relevant medical images with the efficiency, scalability and power that is expected from BMI's MedSeg™," added Sudhakar Muddu, CEO of Kazeon. "It is particularly satisfying to see our technology being applied to medical applications that truly make a difference in people's lives. We are pleased to see our IS1200-ECS assist medical personnel in making more accurate diagnoses."

More about the IS1200-ECS

The IS1200-ECS revolutionizes the way organizations search, classify, and act on information. The IS1200-ECS is the industry's first product to integrate content-aware indexing, classification, search, reporting and migration together in one package to address information access and management challenges within the healthcare industry. Powerful features are combined with an easy-to-use web-based user interface to enable hospital IT staff and medical practitioners to quickly identify relevant DICOM images and preserve the integrity of this information by automatically protecting it against destruction or alteration. Precautionary measures such as this help demonstrate robust corporate governance to meet HIPAA regulation requirements for shareholders, auditors, and insurers.

About Bartron Medical Imaging

Bartron Medical Imaging, LLC (BMI) is a Maryland Corporation headquartered in Largo, Maryland, with its Research and Development Laboratory in New Haven, Connecticut. BMI is a high technology Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that is dedicated to the development of advanced image analysis and data mining for biomedical applications. Through the use of NASA-pioneered technology that has BMI has adapted to medical imaging, the company's licenses and patents enable novel analyses and evaluation of conventional medial imaging at levels never before achieved; pixels or sub-pixels. These methods are presently being applied to clinical problems and are expected to improve diagnostic, treatment and follow-up/therapeutic applications. For these purposes the company has developed, tested and manufactured the Walker Advanced Imaging System (WAIS), Biotech Data Image Management Diagnostic Systems (BDIMD) and the Medical Segmentation System (MedSeg™). For more information, visit

About Kazeon

Kazeon is recognized as the industry leader in Unstructured Information Management. The Information Server product line provides the foundation for corporations to search, manage, and secure their digital assets. Through innovative data indexing, classification and search technology, Kazeon has helped hundreds of customer's worldwide drive out excessive cost, risk, and drain on productivity associated with the rapid growth of information to tackle the challenges of Legal Discovery, Compliance, and Data Privacy. In securing partnerships with Google and Network Appliance, Kazeon has quickly gained wide market acceptance for its award-winning products, as recognized by Storage Magazine, Network World, Datamation, and InfoStor. Leading global organizations like SAP, GE, Cisco, Bosch, ING Group, Phillips, Novartis, and INVESCO rely on Kazeon solutions.

Founded in 2003, Kazeon is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For additional information about Kazeon, please visit

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