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August 04, 2006 16:12 ET

Base of the Bridge Technology Closes on Name Change and Share Consolidation

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Aug. 4, 2006) - Base of the Bridge Technology -

Effective immediately Sparta Water Corp. is no longer; due to the name change to Base of the Bridge Technology with the new CUSIP NO 069770105.

On May 3 2006, Base of the Bridge Technology announced that its shareholders have approved carrying out a four for one share consolidation, and changing the Corporation's name to Base of the Bridge Technology.

The Corporation has completed Articles of Amendment to carry out the name change and share consolidation, and is distribute transmittal letters to its 361 plus shareholders in Canada and the United States.

This constitutes the mandate set by new management; CEO and Founder of Systemhac Corp., Mr. Arie Ross is now Chairman and CEO for the newly merged Company, Base of the Bridge Technology.


Base of the Bridge Technology was incorporated as Sparta Water Corporation of Edmonton, Alberta on September 16th, 1998.

On June 11th, 1999 the Sparta Shares were listed on the TSXV as a Capital Pool Company as defined in policy 2.4 of the TSXV Corporate Finance Manual.

The name was changed to Base of the Bridge Technology with the acquisition of Systemhac Corporation a then privet company located in Edmonton, Alberta.

History and Acquisition of Systemhac Corp.

Systemhac was founded in 2001 by Mr. Arie Ross and Mr. Jorge Castillo. The primary business of Systemhac is the research, development and marketing of proprietary Data Mining and Digital Relationship Management Tools ("DRMT") technology, developed around a core software engine called NgDB.

For more info on NgDB log on to (

In 2003, Systemhac Corp., started development on a hybrid CD technology project called SmartCD™.

"It was not the best time for a fledgling IT firm in Edmonton, Alberta with 4 guys, trying to build a better mouse trap when it came to solving IP piracy," says Arie Ross.

But the Company continued it development of the SmartCD™ technology and 5 years later they had a prototype and Mr. Ross making an appearance on the new CBC reality TV show Dragon's Den airing this October


To view attached picture of SmartCD, please click on the following link:

What is the product? What does it do? Why will people buy it?

SmartCD™ Solves the IP Piracy Problem

SmartCD™ is the "Holy Grail" of CD/DVD technology that is 100% secure to combat piracy.

SmartCD™ puts Control & Distribution of Content back where it belongs: In the Hands of the Studios, Labels & Game designers.

SmartCD™ is a microprocessor embedded into a compact disk or other appropriate optical media.

This microprocessor contains all the information that the consumer wishes to access, be it software, audio files, video files, etc.

Note that no data is stored on the CD/DVD disk itself. The disk is used as a caring case only for the electrical components.

The SmartCD™ "S-o-C" chip contains security features like prompting the user PIN number, Dynamic Analog Code Blocking, Digital Watermark, and a New Process called Digital Fingerprinting much, much more.

The most important feature of the S-o-C microprocessor is that it will only permit authorized access to the information, thus preventing breach of copyright and use agreements/IP Piracy of said content.

In order to access the information on the NAND Flash memory module embedded into a CD/DVD design and operatively connected to the first ever optical interface for NAND FLASH memory, command and control functions as executed via the S-o-C microprocessor and it RTOS; the consumer must enter the proper PIN code just like a back card but with far more security features and real time support.

Consumers will want to buy SmartCD™ for multiple different reasons; a few being that it can store far more data than a CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, it is portable, CD compatible device and is completely secure.

SmartCD: data capacity
31GB 62GB 124GB 248GB

So what does the merger mean to the shareholders and what does the future looks like?

Base of the Bridge Technology is currently show casing its technology to the 6 major studios, and is looking to do some show and tell to the MPAA in the next up and coming few weeks.

The Company is looking to finalized its commercialization plan to get the technology to the market by holidays 2007.

One of the lingering questions which remains about this new SmartCD technology is: How will the Company make money with this product? How much will the Company and it partners sell it for in comparison to Sony's Blu-ray and Toshiba's HD DVD and even the IPOD.

"Revenues are made via global royalty agreements between us and the manufacturing firm/replicator as well as the studios, labels and game designers as they come on board; once we are closer to market release of the SmartCD product their will be announcements on retail price, it is important to note that the SmartCD technology does not require a special CD/DVD reader, like the products it is competing with, i.e. Blue-ray, HD-DVD or IPOD, SmartCD™ competes with them all on some level; needless to say SmartCD beats them all up!"

You can think of the SmartCD™ as a CD with a "brain" on it. The brain being a small embedded S-o-C microprocessor! This microprocessor is equipped with 3 independent security levels of data access and programmed to perform and deliver unique tasks and store information 50 X's greater than a conventional CD's capacity! Thanks to the ingenuity of developers like Systemhac, artists and content providers of any field will begin to see CD Rom and chip technology merged into one thus providing greater IP security!" says Mr. Ross.

Base of the Bridge Technology has employed the MP3 business module, which is to say that the Company has entered into a JV agreement with a Nevada NewCo represented by one of the largest entertainment industry law firms, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP, in Los Angeles, CA. to fascinate equity ownership of the manufacturing plant and royalty agreements and more.

As a part of the US JV closing process, the company is in the process of "show and "tell" to industry executives at Manatt, Samsung, Microsoft, Hynix, Sony Entertainment and others.

Once this round of upgrades and demo are complete the said studios, labels and game designers and others will be negotiated into an equity partnership agreement with ownership over the production facility and the ability to license the technology to other sectors of the CD/DVD market. i.e. Homeland Security, HIPAA and more.

The US NewCo will be responsible for market and distribution.

With all the positive progress happening for this Vancouver, BC based IT Company, Base of the Bridge Tech is looking to quickly complete a private placement for $2Millon ASAP and resume trading of its securities on the TSXV, as the cease trade order against the Corporation has now been fully revoked.

In addition, the Corporation has accepted the resignation of James Henning as a director of the Corporation as a part of its resurrecting mandate and the Corporation is looking to looking to make a few new appointments to the board in the near future.

At the present time, the directors of the Corporation are Arie Ross, Jorge Castillo, Daryl Turcotte, and Tom Lessing.

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