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September 13, 2011 07:00 ET

Batavia Chiropractor Launches New Website on Holistic Treatments

BATAVIA, IL--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - Sharratt Chiropractic announced that the practice has launched a new website, The new site is designed to better educate patients about holistic treatments for pain management, musculoskeletal alignment disorders and general wellness. In addition to adjustments, the practice also provides applied kinesiology, massage therapy and nutrition counseling. Information about these treatments is available on the new website. The new site also includes information on the history of these treatments, the difference between wellness care and traditional medical care and what patients should expect during the first visit.

Dr. Jack Sharratt announced that his practice, Sharratt Chiropractic, had launched a new website, The Batavia practice's website was redesigned in an effort to better educate patients about whole body care and chiropractic services.

"Our practice's mission is to help every member of the family enjoy optimal health and well-being," said Dr. Sharratt. "An essential part of this mission is to educate patients about non-invasive treatments. Unlike traditional medical care, we don't cover up pain with prescription painkillers. We treat the body as a whole and help it heal from within -- and we want patients to understand that safe, natural and effective alternatives to medical care exist."

Individuals can learn more about Batavia holistic care on the new website. The "Community Content" section explains the difference between wellness care and traditional medical care. The section also includes information on how adjustment treatments can restore alignment to the musculoskeletal system and correct underlying conditions.

"If you have never received care from a chiropractor before, it is natural to have a lot of questions about how treatments work and what benefits to expect," said Dr. Sharratt. "The Community Content library is a great resource for explaining the science behind these treatments."

The Community Content library includes information on the history of non-invasive treatments, chiro myths and facts and information on how a chiropractor can help treat a variety of health conditions beyond chronic pain management and migraine relief.

"Many people mistakenly believe that chiropractic care focuses exclusively on musculoskeletal disorders," said Dr. Sharratt. "Restoring alignment to the body, however, has many benefits beyond chronic pain management. These benefits include help with ADHD, asthma and colic in infants. We also offer revolutionary allergy elimination through chiropractic and applied kinesiology. The new website is a wonderful resource to educate patients about the difference that holistic care can truly make for the body."

In addition to non-invasive pain management, the practice provides holistic treatments for ADD, ADHD, allergies, asthma, bed-wetting, colic, infections, PMS, pregnancy pain, migraines and scoliosis.

The new website also features a blog by the chiropractor. Dr. Sharratt writes about the latest developments in holistic treatments, and patients can post questions or comments at the end of each blog post.

"The blog is designed to create an interactive dialogue between our wellness team and patients," said Dr. Sharratt. "Whether you have a question about allergy treatments or applied kinesiology, I encourage everyone to ask any questions they may have, and I look forward to addressing them in upcoming blog posts."

Individuals who wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sharratt can do so by using the online appointment request form on the website at

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