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February 16, 2012 10:30 ET

Batavia Chiropractor Provides Holistic Treatment for Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

BATAVIA, IL--(Marketwire - Feb 16, 2012) - Dr. Jack Sharratt, the chiropractor who heads Sharratt Chiropractic Family Health & Massage Center in Batavia, has been helping women prepare for, get through and recover from pregnancy with holistic care for several years. According to Dr. Sharratt, more women are turning to chiropractors for assistance in pregnancy preparation and relieving back pain in early pregnancy, as well as other common pregnancy related health difficulties such as headaches and sciatica. He said that many women seek his help for natural healthcare during this time for a more positive pregnancy experience overall.

"Pregnancy is a challenging time -- women's bodies go through numerous changes very rapidly," Sharratt said. "One of the most common problems is back pain in early pregnancy, along with other aches and pains they may never have experienced before, like migraine headache difficulties. They hurt, but they can't take anything for the pain, which can lead to difficulty sleeping or exercising, both of which are important. As a chiropractor, I've helped women who want to get pregnant, as well as expectant mothers to optimize their spinal and pelvic alignment, which has helped them avoid painful pinched nerves in the lower back. We emphasize total holistic care such as special exercises, stretches, and nutrition, which helps women before, during and after pregnancy as well."

Dr. Sharratt described his experience helping one Batavia mother who has been having a particularly difficult pregnancy as an example. He said that the woman's uterus was tipped so far back that it was pressing down on her sacrum, which is a fused, triangular set of five bones at the base of the spine. As the baby grew, the pressure caused so much pain that she could not move. Chiropractic adjustments to realign her spine and reposition her pelvis and uterus have helped relieve the pain and prepare her for an easier childbirth later on.

He said that even for mothers having a relatively easy pregnancy, chiropractic spinal alignments and complementary therapies like nutrition and relaxation techniques can make the process less stressful. He cited recent studies indicating that stress during pregnancy may affect the health of the baby later in life, and advises mothers to do everything they can to attend to their health before, during and after pregnancy.

Dr. Sharratt suggests massage therapy, for example, because he said it helps diffuse musculoskeletal and emotional tension, releases endorphins into the system, increases helpful circulation, improves range of motion and helps with mental focus. "Athletes do this all the time because it helps their performance and recovery times," Sharratt said.

"If there's ever a time when a woman needs this kind of total care, it's during pregnancy and also right after the baby is born, when stress can be very high. These natural therapies can ease the delivery process, accelerate recovery times and keep the stress levels lower, which is good for both mom and baby."

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