SOURCE: Lauren Greenberg, M.D.

Lauren Greenberg, M.D.

August 21, 2013 08:01 ET

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon Reveals Breastfeeding Health Benefits for Both Child and Mother

Dr. Lauren Greenberg Recommends That Women Breastfeed for a Period of 6 Months or More to Reduce Risks of Heart Disease and Cancer for the Mother

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 21, 2013) - Dr. Lauren Greenberg has many mothers visit her plastic surgery practice, and their reasons range from BOTOX® Cosmetic to mommy makeovers. During the consultation process with these mothers, the topic of breastfeeding often arises. While it is widely known there is a substantial amount of research suggesting breastfeeding is beneficial for children, Dr. Greenberg highlights breastfeeding can be a benefit for another person -- the mother.

As a mother herself, Dr. Greenberg knows firsthand breastfeeding can be challenging. However, she is a vocal advocate for breastfeeding, especially in light of a newly released study. In her blog post titled "Breastfeeding Your Child For 6 Months Lowers Your Risk Of Cancer?," Dr. Greenberg reports the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found women who exclusively breastfeed for 6 months lower their risk of cancer by 17% and their risk of heart disease by 8%.

This European study followed the lives of 380,000 people over the course of 13 years. They were looking at lifestyle choices and how they affect future health. Areas of examination included:

  • Levels of body fat
  • Degrees of physical activity
  • Caloric intake
  • Alcohol intake
  • Animal products in one's diet
  • Plant food in one's diet
  • Women's breastfeeding habits

Following the study, researchers asked why women who breastfed for a period of six months or more exhibited decreased rates of heart disease, respiratory complications, and cancer. One theory revolves around the idea women who are breastfeeding do not menstruate, so the act of breastfeeding causes other biological effects as well. Another theory suggests breastfeeding actually causes a reduction in breast tissue, and this reduction results in reduced risk for disease.

In spite of these advantages, Dr. Greenberg notes that only about 16% of mothers in the United States breastfeed for 6 months or more. The average mother in the U.S. supplements breastfeeding with baby formula or other food.

In Dr. Greenberg's opinion, the health advantages of breastfeeding for a mother and her children are well worth it. For women who are apprehensive breastfeeding will alter the size and shape of their breasts, Dr. Greenberg suggests mothers prioritize breastfeeding for its health benefits. She says pregnancy and breastfeeding affects the breasts in different ways and varies from person to person; if women do not like the shape, size or position when they are finished with children, they can consider cosmetic breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction to address any areas of future concern. Dr. Greenberg, a board-certified Palo Alto plastic surgeon, can use breast lift, fat transfer, and mommy makeover techniques to provide women with natural-looking results and help rejuvenate their post-pregnancy bodies.

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Dr. Lauren Greenberg is a graduate of Dartmouth College and earned her medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Greenberg has publishing chapters in surgical textbooks and delivered national medical presentations. She is available for interview upon request.

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