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June 13, 2006 08:01 ET

Baynote Taps Into the "Invisible Crowd"

Silicon Valley Start-Up Launches Breakthrough Search and Navigation Technology That Improves Marketing and Sales Conversion Rates by 2000 Percent

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 13, 2006 -- Baynote, a pioneer in content guidance software for the business web, today launched its first Software-as-a-Service offering that uses behavioral intelligence to help website visitors find useful information on the first try.

A study recently cited by the Wall Street Journal noted that 83 percent of visitors do not find the information they are looking for when using a search engine. These dissatisfied visitors either abandon the site, resulting in lost sales and ad revenue, or resort to service calls and emails that cost a company hundreds of dollars per hour. The high failure rate reflects an interesting fact: a website visitor is a lonely, invisible explorer thrust into a complex information landscape without any community support.

For the first time, Baynote brings the way we find information in real life to the web by relying on the "wisdom of community" -- the emergent behaviors of peers, experts, and the greater site community. Baynote's search enhancement technology delivers results that are vastly more useful and effective to website visitors, and Baynote's dynamic guides reduce the average number of clicks needed to find useful content from 6 to 1. In addition, Baynote offers invaluable feedback to website owners through a set of unique reports including "Content Gaps" and "Visitor Clubs." With Baynote, content seekers become satisfied users, visitors become repeat customers, and website owners are informed and empowered.

Baynote's patent-pending content guidance technology is transparent: visitors are not burdened with the need to perform explicit actions, such as completing surveys, tagging, or engaging in other time-intensive and distracting processes. Community wisdom is captured implicitly. Offered as an on-demand service, Baynote works with any existing search technology and navigation structure on business websites.

"Too many business websites are stumbling because their reliance on first generation search technology and static interaction design has become a huge liability," said Dan Keldsen, Senior Analyst at Delphi Group, Boston. "Baynote is offering a fresh approach to the knotty problem of how to help users accomplish what they need to on the site. By hooking into the social and behavioral evidence of successful site experiences, the software offers site managers a new source of intelligence about what works. At the same time, Baynote services provide guidance on how to cut down the inaccuracy and confusion that too often keep users from reaching their objectives. Baynote helps keep 'getting things done' in the spotlight. It should be a significant new tool for raising the quality of interactions on the business web."

Increasing Customers' Successes

Companies are already benefiting from Baynote's content guidance service. Baynote customers including LSI Logic, Interwoven, and SEMI are seeing substantial increases in their respective website success rates, with a reported 2000% increase in visitor conversion rates based on benchmark data on search conversions from the Atlas Rank Report.

"Interwoven is obsessed with customer experience solutions, and Baynote content guidance is a core part of how we deliver that to our own site visitors," said Jeff Cowan, director of marketing communications for Interwoven. "We thought nothing could be done to fix search, so we nearly gave up. Baynote showed us another way."

In addition to its customer relationships, Baynote is building partnerships in all major areas of the business web -- including enterprise search, web analytics, content management, and web design firms to name a few. The company has already established a strong partner network that includes IBM, Interwoven, Omniture, Jamcracker, Fathom Online and Vinq.

"Until recently the focus of the web was on producing content, but today's web is decidedly about consuming content," says Jia. "An effective web-based customer experience is the core of all online sales and marketing efforts, yet organizations struggle with how to guide visitors to the information that drives purchasing behavior. Baynote's new class of on-demand software helps businesses solve this tough challenge and gives them insight into the next set of opportunities."

Features and Pricing

Baynote's content guidance service features Social Search, Guide and Insights:

--  Baynote Social Search works on top of a business site's existing
    search engine to instantly deliver results that are more useful and
    personalized for visitors.
--  Baynote Guide, enabled by the community wisdom, uses a set of HTML
    tags to dynamically guide visitors to products, registrations and support.
    Features including "AdGuide," "Most Useful Content," "Next Step," and "More
    Like This" shorten the average clicks needed to reach useful content from 6
    to 1.
--  Baynote Insights provides reports so site owners can better understand
    their visitor community, interests and trends through Visitor Clubs,
    Content Gaps and other community reports.
Baynote is delivered on-demand and works with any search technology and navigation structure on business websites. The service often takes only hours to configure and scales from small businesses to the Global 1000. Pricing starts at $950 per month for enterprises and $95 per month for small-to-medium businesses.

Content Guidance Pioneers

Baynote grew out of the collective wisdom of a team of seasoned technology experts and entrepreneurs, including founders Jack Jia, CEO, Scott Brave, Chief Scientist, and Rob Bradshaw, Chief Architect.

Mr. Jia previously led engineering, products, marketing and strategy as the SVP and CTO of Interwoven Inc. Prior, he was a founder and CEO of V-max America. Mr. Jia also led operating systems and applications development at SGI, Sun Microsystems, Stratus and NASA for over a decade, and he is the president of HYSTA, a premier non-profit organization for promoting entrepreneurship.

Dr. Brave has spent the last 10 years studying human-computer interaction and is the author of multiple patents and publications in the field. Dr. Brave received his Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction, and B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University, and his Master's from the MIT Media Lab.

Mr. Bradshaw was previously Principal Engineer and an instrumental part of the early team at Interwoven. For over a decade, he was a key engineer at SGI and Amdahl, developing technologies in the areas of operating systems, supercomputing and server clustering. He is an inventor on several patents and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer science from Boston University.

About Baynote

Founded in November 2004, Baynote is the technology leader in on-demand content guidance software for business websites and web applications. Baynote makes all online initiatives more effective with its patent-pending UseRank™ technology that dramatically improves lead generation, customer support and visitor analytics. For more information, please visit

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