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February 13, 2011 15:22 ET

Bayshore Networks Introduces SingleKey™ Industrial Edition

Taking the Lead in Securing Civil Infrastructure

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 13, 2011) - Bayshore Networks, the leader in Layer 7 Application Protection for the world's most sophisticated military, industrial control, and Fortune 500 customers, today announced the addition of SingleKey™ Industrial Edition to its flagship SingleKey™ Layer 7 application firewall product family. SingleKey™ IE comes with standard Layer 7 application protection capabilities and custom-built features that support SCADA protocols commonly used in industrial control systems. With SingleKey™ IE, Bayshore is first to market with a full Layer 7 Application Firewall to secure critical civil infrastructure.

"Stuxnet was a major wake-up call for governments to get serious about information assurance on their critical civil infrastructure including electrical grids, nuclear plants, building automation, transportation, water systems, etc. At Bayshore, we are excited to introduce SingleKey™ Industrial Edition to help keep our nation's critical civil infrastructure secure and available," said Francis Cianfrocca, Founder and CEO of Bayshore Networks. "Much SCADA-based infrastructure is not directly connected to the Internet, making it difficult to protect with traditional web-based firewall and intrusion prevention systems. The multi-protocol SingleKey™ Industrial Edition supports web, non-web, and SCADA applications and is uniquely positioned to provide information assurance to industrial control systems."

Some notable features of SingleKey™ Industrial Edition include:

1) Protecting interfaces between IP network and non-IP industrial controllers/sensors
2) Uniform secure access from control networks to sensors
3) Providing secure connection points between SCADA environments and IP networks
4) Translating SCADA data formats into IP protocols
5) Full Layer 7 protection and analysis of all SCADA Commands (language and traffic)
6) Encryption of all traffic transmitted to and from SCADA devices
7) Layer 7 Firewall protection for SCADA devices/sensors
8) Enforcement of policies for SCADA commands
9) Remote management of sensors


SingleKey™ Industrial Edition is currently in controlled release with a number of beta customers in the government vertical. Please contact for further information.

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Bayshore Networks is the leading provider of High-end Information Assurance and Security Products to the world's most sophisticated military, government, SCADA-based industrial control, and Fortune 500 customers. Bayshore's multi-protocol Layer 7 application protection platform provides a level of security that is unmatched by traditional compliance-oriented Layer 3 firewalls and intrusion detection systems from incumbent IT security vendors. The world's most sophisticated organizations turn to Bayshore Networks to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their high-value digital assets (intellectual property, source codes, classified information, and competitive data). Our Layer 7 application protection suite includes SingleKey™ Layer 7 application firewall, SingleView™ real-time threat management alert system, and SingleTone™ infrastructure-based authorization solution. All products are available either as high-performance hardware appliances, or virtual appliances.

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