December 07, 2015 03:16 ET

BBCOS Announces Expansion of Brand in American Market

Italian Company Bringing High-Quality Hair Care Products to United States

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 07, 2015) - BBCOS, an Italian company focused on the production of professional, high-quality hair care products for hairdressers and consumers, announced it is expanding its brand presence into the American market.

BBCOS prides itself on the quality, creativity and flexibility of its products, which include coloring products, post-color treatments, curling and smoothing products, color removers, therapeutic and beauty lines and more. In bringing its products to the United States, BBCOS is providing a new audience with a line of hair care products that have been developed from extremely high-quality ingredients from Europe.

"We are pleased to announce our brand expansion in the United States market," said Andrea Faraone, Export Manager for BBCOS. "This is a tremendous opportunity for our company, to reach out to an entirely new audience of people who are searching for high-quality hair care products. We are looking forward to providing new customers with the exact types of products they have been looking for."

BBCOS is known as a pioneer in the use of hydrolyzed keratin, reduced by a process of electrophoresis to very small dimensions perfect for binding to the hair. In this way, BBCOS's products promote better hair strength and structure in a completely natural way. Its products contain dual active ingredients: argan oil, which is known for its outstanding, nourishing properties, and linseeds, known for their ability to provide hair with a brightness and shine. Mango and lemon are also often used for their natural nutritive and energizing properties, as well as for the free radicals they provide.

Two of its highest-performing products include its Liquid Crystals product, which protects hair from the elements while enhancing a natural shine, and its Hydrating Lotion, a no-rinse treatment for brittle and treated hair to provide unprecedented volume and shine. Both products are in the company's Kristal evo line.

"People who care about the quality of ingredients and products they're using in their hair will benefit greatly from BBCOS's hair care line," said Faraone. "These are products that have been formulated for natural strength and quality. We can't wait to introduce them to the American market and help more people than ever before to achieve a better-looking hairstyle."

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