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June 25, 2012 06:00 ET

BC Companies Seek Joint Ventures, Partnerships, and/or Purchase of Crystalline and Amorphous Graphite Carbon Properties

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 25, 2012) - A group of private BC mining companies seek joint ventures and partnerships to complete further exploration and drilling programs on the companies crystalline flake graphite carbon and amorphous graphite mineral claims. The properties are also available for purchase.

All Assessment Reports are filed with the BC Gold Commissioner's Office. All Technical Reports are filed in accordance with Canadian National Instrument 43-101.

Group of Crystalline Flake Graphite Claims

The large land mass of graphite carbon properties are adjacent to Eagle Graphite's Black Crystal graphite property, located in the Slocan Mining Division of British Columbia, Canada. All of the mineral claims are in good standing for several years.

Metallurgical testing on the 3 ton bulk sample conducted by Crystal Graphite Corp. in 2005, returned 95.5% graphite carbon content.

Laboratory results conducted by Asbury Carbons, New Jersey, indicate graphite content from 4.79% to 13.31. The company has additional high-grade assay results from Asbury Carbons and Lakefield Engineering.

Over $1,500,000 (CDN) was spent from 1998 to 2005 on exploration, sampling, testing, and drilling on the crystalline graphite carbon mineral claims.

Completed Work to Date
1997 Acquisition Consideration
1998 Exploration - Pearson, Hoffman, BLM Engineering, et al.
1998 Geophysical Survey Logistics - Quantec Consulting Inc.
1999 Diamond Drilling - SNC Lavelin, et al.
2000 Exploration - George Addie P. Eng., et al,
2001 Assessment Report 26566 - John Rapski B.E.S.
2001 Report: Update on Inferred Mineral Resource - George Addie P. Eng.
2001 Exploration and Geological - Main Zone
2001 Testing Assays, Lakefield Engineering
2002 Exploration and Geological - Main Zone
2003 Assessment Report 27164 - Gordon Cowie P. Eng.
2003 Administration; filing fees and consultations
2003 Report: Forbes Engineering and Management
2004 Exploration and Testing of Samples
2005 Metallurgical Testing - Crystal Graphite Corp.
2005 Technical Report National Instrument 43-101
2012 Technical Report National Instrument 43-101

Additional Crystalline Flake Graphite Mineral Claim

This property is located approximately 44 km south of Bella Coola, BC. Ten 1-metre channel samples were taken across the graphite zone, yielding 13 analyses. Graphite ranged up to 22.9%; the average of the 13 samples was 12.26%

Amorphous Graphite Mineral Claims

The companies are also seeking joint ventures and partnerships to conduct further exploration and drilling on a large group of amorphous graphite mineral claims. These properties are also available for purchase.

2002 Assessment Report 27165 - Gordon Cowie P. Eng.
2002 Assessment Report 27166 - Gordon Cowie P. Eng.

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