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September 28, 2017 13:41 ET

BC Quake Recommends Survival Kits for Flooding Evacuees

Recent blog from BC Quake shares how survival kits can save lives during floods

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - September 28, 2017) - As hurricanes continue to pound the US, more people are thinking about flood preparation. Rather than hoping for the best, the team at BC Quake recommends preparing for the worst with survival kits, which can be an aid in nearly any type of emergency situation. For more, go to:

Last year in BC, more than 2,500 residents had to leave their homes due to severe flooding in Kelowna. The emergency was triggered by the colder, wetter weather which, when combined with over-saturated soil, set the stage for brutal flooding.

Many residents had not even considered how useful a designated Survival Kit could be in this exact situation. Even today, the term "survival kit" is mostly associated with earthquakes, but the truth is that these kits can be useful during nearly any kind of natural disaster, including floods, which often strike quickly and without warning, leaving residents with only moments to flee.

Every BC Quake survival kit is fully equipped with the essentials to get a family through a natural disaster. And since every family has different needs, the kits include space for personalization. Some items to consider include:

  • Extra cash
  • Medications
  • Important contact information
  • Extra pairs of glasses
  • Spare car/house keys
  • Pet supplies, like leashes, food, toys
  • Photos of family members, for identification
  • Kids supplies, like toys, favorite non-perishable snacks, or games
  • GPS or local maps

In the worst case scenario, a survival kit should be stored in a place that's easily accessible if evacuation becomes necessary. Make sure everyone is aware of its location and make a note to go through the supplies annually and replace anything that's expired.

To learn more about Vancouver survival kits or to purchase them online, please visit BC Quake.

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