British Columbia Safety Authority

British Columbia Safety Authority

June 13, 2012 15:30 ET

BC Safety Authority Conducts Annual Public Meeting

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 13, 2012) - The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) held its annual public meeting today (June 13) to report back on its 2011 accomplishments to the people of British Columbia. The yearly meeting is part of the BCSA's commitment to maintain transparency and accountability.

The BCSA is the provincial regulator that oversees safety for a variety of technical equipment including amusement rides; boilers, pressure vessels and refrigeration systems; electrical equipment and systems; elevating devices such as elevators and escalators; gas appliances and systems; passenger ropeways such as ski lifts; and provincial railways.

"We oversee the safe installation, maintenance and operation of equipment in these seven technologies," said Catherine Roome, BCSA President and Chief Executive Officer. "We have programs, practices, policies and regulations in place to continually improve the safety system end-to-end, especially the interaction of people and technology."

At the annual meeting, the BC Safety Authority also reported that in 2011:

  • Over 60,000 physical assessments were conducted across all technologies.
  • Over 195,000 permits, licenses and certificates were issued.
  • Over 160 compliance orders were issued.
  • Over 500 incident reports were received.
  • And 71 Electrical Tech Talks and three Gas Tech Talks were offered to clients across the province.

During the meeting, the BCSA also distributed copies of its 2011 Annual Report. This report, including the 2011 State of Safety Report, can be found online at

The British Columbia Safety Authority keeps people safe by mandating the safe installation and use of technical equipment. The BCSA also issues permits and licences, educates, and conducts onsite inspections of high-risk situations.

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