November 01, 2011 08:00 ET

BCM Awarded Patent for Method of Measurement of Second-by-Second Interactive Television Responses

BCM's Patented Method Enables Programmers and Advertisers to Collect Highly Accurate, Granular Data From Interactive Television Campaigns

SUMMIT, NJ--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2011) - BCM, an interactive television solution provider, has been awarded United States Patent No. 8,051,455, entitled "Systems and Methods for Providing a Token Registry Encoder" Issued on November 1, 2011, the patent demonstrates BCM's continued leadership in broadcast interactive television technology development and innovation.

Previous to the development of this technological method, programmers and advertisers have typically relied on imperfect synchronization between clocks on interactive event insertion servers and clocks on home set-top boxes. The primary issue with this method is that both of these clocks could easily be more than 30 seconds apart, rendering the ability to measure precise interaction within a 30 second commercial spot impossible.

BCM's new patented method removes reliance on clock synchronization, measuring exact second-by-second responses to interactive events. It specifically enables advertisers and programmers to receive the most highly accurate and granular timing data possible from interactive television campaigns, as well as pinpoint exact moments within an interactive event when viewer interaction occurred.

"Advertisers and programmers can now find out a great deal more about what generates engagement and interaction with viewers," said CTO Madeleine Noland. "This allows them to deliver the most relevant and compelling messaging possible in their interactive television campaigns."

"Recent growth and advances in the interactive television marketplace have bolstered the importance of securing this critical intellectual property," said Chairman and CEO Daniel Hassan. "BCM will continue to work hard to develop innovative interactive TV technologies that benefit advertisers, programmers and viewers alike."

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BCM is the first broadcast technology developer to offer a working, end-to-end interactive TV solution designed for broadcasters, cable operators and advertisers and is dedicated to enhancing the television viewing experience by connecting viewers with products they are interested in and programming they enjoy. To bring this new experience to viewers, BCM has developed the Onyx™ interactive TV platform as well as the Clickable TV® interactive TV Request for Information (RFI) service. Clickable TV launched for Knology cable TV subscribers in Montgomery, Alabama in January 2011, features fully-electronic fulfillment and enables interactivity through local broadcasters. For more information on BCM, Onyx and Clickable TV, please visit

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