BC Hydrogen Highway

BC Hydrogen Highway

October 02, 2009 15:00 ET

BC's H2i Congratulates BC Transit on Emissions-Free Fuel Cell Electric Bus Debut

Launches New www.poweringnow.ca Website

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 2, 2009) - Today marks the introduction of the first of BC Transit's fleet of 20 fuel cell electric buses that will operate in Whistler, British Columbia as part of public transportation for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. After the 2010 Winter Games, the fleet will remain in Whistler in regular revenue service.

H2i, brought to you by the BC Hydrogen Highway, congratulates BC Transit, the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada on this milestone and their role in stimulating the start of an international sustainability solution for transit agencies and riders. BC Transit's hydrogen fuel cell electric bus program is one of a number of initiatives that H2i will showcase in advance of and during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and help move us toward a cleaner environment.

The hydrogen fuel cell electric buses produce zero tailpipe emissions and do not emit any air pollutants - their only emission is water vapour. These buses will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and will provide a more pleasant riding experience for transit drivers and users.

"The British Columbia Hydrogen Highway features the world's largest single deployment of hydrogen fuel cell electric buses and the world's largest capacity hydrogen fueling station," said John Sheridan, Chairperson of the BC Hydrogen Highway. "It will showcase the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells to a worldwide audience and will help stimulate adoption of the technology - not only in mass transit applications, but also in other commercial markets, such as materials handling and backup power."

The deployment of a fuel cell electric bus fleet is part of B.C.'s commitment to fuel cell technologies and the Hydrogen Highway as part of the overall plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020.

Concurrent with the launch of the fuel cell electric buses, the BC Hydrogen Highway is launching their new website at www.poweringnow.ca. With the demand for "green" energy sources, the new website will be the ideal resource for educating the public, government, potential users, and media about the benefits and developments of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in BC. In addition to product information, visitors can quickly find news releases, industry links, an event calendar, press kit materials and animation of how a fuel cell works. Offering RSS feed capability, visitors can be quickly notified of updated information required to meet their needs in regards to British Columbia's hydrogen and fuel cell sector.

About The BC Hydrogen Highway

The BC Hydrogen Highway, formed in 2004, is a forward-looking group of hydrogen and fuel cell technology providers, organizations, and government agencies who are promoting the development, deployment and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell powered products as a vital part of the solution to our environmental challenges. The BC Hydrogen Highway is managed by the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

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