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July 13, 2015 11:15 ET

Beam Me! Meeting Up With Friends, Family, Colleagues Just Got Faster, Easier and Safer

New, Free App Puts You and Me on a Map, With No Surprises

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - July 13, 2015) - Maybe it’s our schedules. Or maybe it’s our mobile phone culture. But, somehow, we are always on the run and, too often, we are calling and texting our whereabouts to someone even as we dash from place to place. The result? We are often late. We expect others to be late. Even so, after five minutes of waiting for someone, 20% of us start calling and texting to see where that person is. By the 10 minute mark, over half of us are checking in on the other person. And 25% of us will text and drive at least once a week with someone about meeting up*.

Enter Beam, the fastest and easiest way for two people to share their current locations, with no surprises. It's just two taps to request to Beam and, once the other person agrees, you two see each other moving in realtime on a map. It's for one hour -- or even less if you meet each other. And you can always stop a Beam at any time.

Sounds simple and it is. With Beam, you can suggest a meeting place with a pin drop or alert someone when you’re on the way or you’ve arrived. Want to find out where a friend or colleague is for last minute plans? Need to let someone know where to pick you up? Send a Beam.

Beam is as private and easy as a text message but can communicate so much more. Beam requests are as simple as:

  • “Pick me up”
  • “I'm here”
  • “Let's meet here”
  • “On my way”
  • “Where are you?”

And yet, by putting that communication on a shared map, Beam replaces all the angst, door watching and constant checking in that goes into meeting up. Beam is a communications shortcut ideal for sharing where we are, where we are headed and when we will arrive with those people who need to know. It's fast, efficient and lets us focus on getting places rather than giving updates.

And, because it is time limited and you are sharing individually with one contact at a time, Beam works well for everything from a casual coffee with a friend to picking kids up at a friend's house to meeting business contacts.

"In today's world, where everyone has a smart phone, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to share our location on our terms," said Milenko Beslic, Beam co-founder. "We built Beam from the ground-up to be a simple, no-surprises way to add location as a dimension to how we communicate. Transparency and ease of use are at the heart of this product. Two taps to put you and me on a map, moving in realtime, when it suits us both."

"When you want to know where I am, Beam me," said Suzanne Lilley, co-founder of Beam. "Calling and texting, while vital, fall short when it comes to communicating location. Beam does the updating for you, whether you are trying to arrange a ride, find a meeting place or coordinate arrivals. It's the next step in communicating with your friends, family and colleagues."

Beam is now available in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand via the Apple Store.

*Survey details

A survey of more than 1,000 people found that 44% of respondents expect family and friends to be late. Additionally, 41% said they ran late at least half the time as well. Being late is okay as long as you let the other party know, according to 64% of those surveyed. After five minutes of waiting, though, 20% will call and check on the other party. An additional 34% will call if the person they are waiting for is 10 minutes late. Finally, 25% percent of those surveyed said they will text while driving on their way to meet someone, finalizing plans and timing, with 4% saying they do so daily.


Beam Inc. is a fast-moving company focused on bringing maps to life. Today, Beam is about connecting people on the go with an easy-to-use, free, private app that lets two people share their current locations for one hour. And that's just a starting point.

The Beam Inc. head office is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and our very dedicated team works out of the U.S., Europe and South Africa. For more information, visit

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