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Almond Board of California

August 01, 2011 07:14 ET

Beat Any Snack Attack and Stay Fit With a Handful of Almond Snack Tips From Cynthia Sass

Almonds Help Crush Cravings and Help Make Snacking a Cinch

MODESTO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 1, 2011) - The Almond Board of California and registered dietitian Cynthia Sass have partnered for a summer snacking coup that begins with a handful of almonds and a slew of snacking tips to help anyone beat those formidable mid-morning and mid-afternoon cravings and stay fit during swimsuit season.

Sass, bestselling author of 'Cinch!' has long been a champion of the virtues of the almond when it comes to staying slim, healthy and staying on a nutritious track. Her new book features almonds as one of five ingredients she uses in her introductory "Fast Forward" diet, but Sass also advocates just reaching for a handful of almonds when a snacking urge hits.

"People may not know this, but I actually encourage snacking. It actually helps one stay slim and healthy," Sass says. "The right snack will help keep the metabolism revved up and energy levels high while preventing late-night snacking. This is why I always encourage almonds as the ideal choice when having a snacking urge. If you have an apple, smear it with almond butter for an energizing morning snack. Craving chocolate? Great, indulge a bit, but pair dark chocolate with a handful of almonds to help satiate you until your next meal."

You can always find whole natural almonds in Sass's pantry, almond butter and almond milk in her fridge and when she's on-the-go she fills her Almond Board of California perfect portion almond tin and tucks it in her purse for the perfect snack of 23 almonds.

This summer, with bikini season in full swing, Sass encourages being mindful of snacking, plan ahead and identify the times of the day that can be pitfalls to your healthy eating plan. Sass says a smart mid-morning and late afternoon snack can help avoid energy crashes and propel you through the work day.

"Just take some time to think about what your body is really craving and set a timer on your cell phone or work computer. If you have time to get up and prepare something, do it. If not just grab a handful of whole natural almonds for an easy snacking fix that always satisfies."

For more of Sass's summertime snack tips, visit for more details.

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