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January 02, 2007 12:17 ET

Beat Back to Work Blues with a TGIM Mindset

Even if you love your work, coming back to work after a holiday can be stressful.....

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO MEDIA ADVISORY--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 2, 2007) - "Going back to work after a holiday can be stressful. Even for people who love their work, the "BIGness" of starting over can feel overwhelming after the holiday season," says Eileen Chadnick, ACPC, ACC, a certified professional coach and principal of Big Cheese Coaching and author of a new blog at

There are ways to develop heartier, TGIM, attitudes to get you ready for work after the holidays. Here are few questions and tips to consider -- courtesy of Big Cheese Coaching's new blog:

* Are you a dive in or dip in kind of person? If the former, think about activities that you can engage in immediately that will quickly energize you and get you back into high gear. If you prefer to ease back in, then be mindful of how you schedule your first day back - or at minimum, the first few hours. Do you really want to schedule that high-powered meeting for 8:30 am on the first day back? If you manage people, be mindful of that as well. If there is flexibility in scheduling meetings, be considerate

* What are you thinking? Be more conscious of your thoughts because they control how you feel. Back to work blues are often the result of underlying anxiety. It's important to be clear and aware of what is worrying you so you can either simply recognize it; challenge it or deal with it. When unchecked, our worries are often magnified and impact our moods unnecessarily.

* What do you like about your work and what are you grateful for? Having a more empowered mindset is not a condition - it's a choice. You would be surprised how getting clear and present to the positive side of your work can shift your mood. Write down a gratitude list - with at least three things you are grateful for and appreciate about your work life.

* Does back to work mean all work and no fun? It seems all the good times are scheduled before the holiday break with lunches, parties, etc. How about saving some for January? What about a team building lunch or exercise? How about booking a lunch or after work get together with a colleague or contact you'd enjoy? The key is to build in work-related activities that you and/or your team will look forward to.

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