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July 01, 2011 18:54 ET

Beauchamp Law Office's Arizona DUI Lawyers Discuss Fourth of July DUIs

Drivers Arrested for DUI Are Encouraged to Contact an Arizona DUI Lawyer for Assistance This Weekend

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Jul 1, 2011) - Fourth of July is one of the biggest weekends for DUI arrests, which is why the Arizona DUI lawyers at Beauchamp Law Office are discussing this topic with the public. More than 434 people were arrested for DUI last July 4th weekend, according to the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety. That's an increase from 2009's 350 DUI arrests over July 4th weekend, and 2008's 403 DUI arrests. Many of these arrests were made at DUI checkpoints.

The team at Beauchamp Law Office warns Arizona drivers that DUI checkpoints have three stages: (1) The initial checkpoint, during which vehicles are randomly checked by a patrol officer; (2) Drivers are diverted from the checkpoint, questioned further and may face standardized field sobriety tests; (3) With sufficient probable cause for arrest, an officer will place the person in a trailer and ask them to submit to a breath test.

This is what the team recommends doing if stopped at a DUI checkpoint:

1. Avoid being stopped by finding the location of the checkpoints in advance
2. If you're driving, know where your driver's license, registration and insurance are for easy access
3. Stay calm
4. Be courteous, respectful and polite to the officer
5. Don't complain about being stopped
6. Don't offer information about where you're going, where you've been, or whether you've consumed alcohol or drugs
7. Don't allow passengers to have open alcohol containers, drugs or drug paraphernalia
8. Do not submit to any field sobriety tests such as walking the line, saying your ABC's or holding your leg up while counting
9. Most importantly, demand to speak with your attorney

In Arizona, a person convicted for DUI will face harsh penalties. A first offense is punishable by 10 to 180 days in jail, fines, ignition interlock device, counseling, probation, driver's license suspension, and possible SR 22 insurance. Fines, jail time and other penalties increase with each offense.

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