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August 08, 2012 15:04 ET

Beauty Industry Giant, John Paul DeJoria of John Paul Pet™, Is on a Mission to Improve More Than the Quality of an Animal's Fur

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 8, 2012) - Hair care visionary and animal rights activist John Paul DeJoria visited the progressive animal clinic Zoot Pet Hospital in Georgetown, Texas to improve the quality of life for pets across the country. They teamed up to film a promotional video for the revolutionary new line of pet care products, John Paul Pet.

Zoot Pets seemed a natural place for the JPP team to shoot their video because of their dedication to the health and care of all animals. Zoot Pets' Dr. Jensen Young has carried the exclusive JPP brand for the last four years, and was excited to be a part of the filming process. The video contains valuable information for pet owners regarding the importance of proper pet hygiene and grooming care before and after pet surgery that only a veterinarian like Dr. Young can provide.

The video highlights the three John Paul Pet products that specifically aid veterinarians, pet hospitals, clinics, shelters and rescues in care of animals who cannot be bathed for medical reasons: Waterless Foam Shampoo, Full Body & Wipes, Tooth & Gum Wipes and Ear & Eye Wipes. The video embodies the interactive spirit that John Paul Pet has with the veterinarians and hospitals that carry their products. John Paul Pet believes in providing legendary customer care and is proud to be aligned with Zoot Pets who shares that belief.

Long known for taking a groundbreaking cruelty-free stance within the cosmetics industry, John Paul DeJoria has pioneered the revolution for animal rights in the beauty industry, proving that beauty can be achieved with conscience and kindness. John Paul Pet evolved as a natural convergence of DeJoria's love for animals and his extensive knowledge of personal care products.

DeJoria has gone above and beyond just being a voice for animals for over 30 years. He has made considerable financial donations to animal sanctuaries, donated product to shelters, and made real world changes in the way that animals are valued and cared for in our society.

By embracing the "Behind the Paw" philosophy John Paul Pet has risen to the challenge of helping animals look great and live healthy lives via adoption, proper grooming and veterinarian care. One thing is for certain, when you choose John Paul Pet products for your animal family, you are choosing the very best there is.

About John Paul Pet:

John Paul Pet is dedicated to the proper care of all pets and we actively support outreach programs that enrich the lives of all animals worldwide.

With more than 30 years in the professional salon business, we know what it takes to keep hair and skin healthy. And, the same experience applies to our animal companions. Just as you care what goes into your pet's food; it's equally important to care about what goes on their coat and skin. John Paul Pet has developed the first comprehensive system of pet care products that not only improves your pet's appearance, but their overall health as well.

With our botanically enriched shampoos, conditioners and hygienic pet wipes, you can now deep clean, deodorize and maintain your pet from head to tail -- eyes, ears, teeth, paws and coat. Regular care and attention to these critical areas will make for a happier pet and a healthier life.

John Paul Pet also follows in the footsteps of our founders with our "Behind the Bottle" culture that brings people, passion and programs together in an effort to create a better world. It is this culture that sets us apart, making John Paul Pet one of the most trusted brands in the industry. We partner with Paul Mitchell Schools across the United States to give back in order to help animals in need on a local, regional and even national level. This is done through our John Paul Pet Clubs, an extensive network of amazing Future Professionals within the Paul Mitchell Schools network, with the simple goal "to promote the benefits of proper care and hygiene for pets while increasing awareness of animal-related issues and to volunteer within the community to support animal-friendly causes through education, outreach and love."

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